Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 07/02/07: Pre-Picocon meeting

Present: Dave Bartram (Chair), Timothy Henson (Treasurer), Peter Mabbott (Librarian, Web Editor), Dan Rolph (Publicity Officer), Alex Trenchard (Picocon Sofa), Jon Cockayne (Picocon Beanbag and acting Secretary), Matthew Smith (Editor), Rebecca Davies, Edward Boff, Christopher Hutchison.

Apologies: Alan Parish (Secretary), Sergey Punzhin (Chair of Vice)

Meeting Opened: 1820

Treasurer's Report

Budget frozen due to no inventory (Peter to deal with)
Tim sorting out a Picocon float – planning for £100
Have submitted budget not heard back. No confirmation even that they’ve received it. Pretty much it from Tim.

Librarian’s report

This place is a mess. Pete will deal with it when he’s recovered.
Also Queen Mary’s Sci-Fi society is dying. They’re going to give us their books, but they want to still have access to them. We will give free membership to one of their representatives so they have visiting rights.
Their members can join as associate members because they’re ULU.
Reduced membership post-picocon? Tim recommends no, because we only need 4 more. Although to be honest, we’re halfway through so it seems fair that they should only pay half price. Tim would rather check that it’s okay to do that before we actually do it. Deferred till Picocon Post-Mortem.
Peter plans to buy some DVD Box sets. Not all before Picocon. Total cost = lots and lots. Only Angel & Blake’s Seven have been green-lighted so far, and they’ll do till after Picocon.
Tom Squires should have back full borrowing rights. Tim recommends that he’s still on probation. Passed with no objections.

DVD Policy
Tim feels that current DVD policy isn’t working practically speaking, because we aren’t copying DVDs fast enough to keep up with speed of buying. To be brought up again after Picocon.


We currently have no timetable. We’re going to make one up now.

8:00 Setup begins.
10:00 Doors open.
10:30 Welcome address / first author talk. Ken McCloud is on first.
11:30 Turkey Read
12:00 Lunch Time / DODM (1hr only)
13:30 Author talk: Charlie Stross, talking about himself.
14:30 Author talk: Farah Mendelsohn
15:30 Author Panel
16:30 Silly Games (may run for only half an hour)
17:30 Clear out of Clore

Note that moving first talk to 10:30 is half an hour earlier than usual. We will need to let people know somehow.
Talks will hopefully be in The Clore lecture theatre. We hope to get it from 9am-5pm. Bookings may not be confirmed till late.
Peter: They charged Wargames a 200 quid deposit. Hopefully not for Sci-Fi. It’s fully refundable unless the place is horribly trashed. Might not even come up. We’ve got enough money to cover it anyway. We know that it is booked from 6pm onwards.
If that doesn’t go through, we still have Meeting Room 4. And it’s not very big. We should maybe investigate other Lecture Theatres. Aero lecture theatres are a distinct possibilities. We do need to have one that’s actually okay to find.
Authors are to turn up at South Ken tube, 9:30-10ish. We need to have agreed meeting points. Nobody wants to babysit Fara. Uh-oh. Call out on the committee list?
Setup from 8 – no point it being any earlier as else we can’t get to the library. We need to make sure that security know we will need to be let in at 8.
Jon's Job: make sure that the security office know we’re coming, and that we’ll have light, power, heating etc. Also if we do end up needing to use Meeting Room 4 we’re going to need to bleed the radiators.
We’ll need to make at least a few more sashes for Picocon. Becca will go up to Shepherd’s Bush Market to find ribbon.
Clore LT door gets locked sometimes. We don’t want to find out that it’s locked on the day. We need to make sure that people know the way to Clore etc. Map. Also a mobile number on the map, to make sure that people can get back in. House badges need to be given out to let us know who’s Picocon.

Vendors. Need to talk to them. Get parking invoice. Pay on exit. We’ll just give them the money for it. Ask them to just invoice Sci-Fi. 9am-6pm.

The LAN. Oh dear god The LAN. Pete can give a PC. We need someone to set it up. Owain might come if bribed with beer / coke. We might want 4-6 PCs.
We definitely can’t have a Wii there. How sad it will be not to have one. So we ‘want’ an X-Box to run Halo on maybe. Guitar Hero? Maybe not as it would get too loud. And the Guitars might get broken. We need to get people on the committee list to bring one.

TABLES. Kristine has a stash. I’ll try and get my hands on it.

Talk to League of Fan Funds about a Tombola?

Key needs to be made safe.
Swipe cards will need to be brought for Clore.

We will need nonzero membership forms. And some Picocon forms, which needs to have a box to check what membership fee is being paid.

Charlie Stross would like to do an interview followed by Q&A. Ken McLeodd hasn’t given us a topic yet. Smithers is happy to interview Charlie. Jacob would also be happy to do so. But Smithers gets first refusal. Smithers worries that he might be too technical. He surrenders the interviewer role to Jacob.

Obtain a RAG bucket – will affect Turkey Read and DODM. Turkey Read will definitely be happening. They need to be fit in.
We can’t do the Turkey Read in Da Vinci’s if it’s offensive. We need to talk to Dave Clements about how long it will actually be, how many books there will be, etc. We need some material to pad out the Turkey Read if it doesn’t last long enough. Mock read, in the library, just so we know how it actually works. We need to have an auctioneer. Dave Clements plans to do the auctioning.

It is debated as to how long the lunch break should be. Half an hour seems okay, but at 12:00 may be too early. How much stuff do we have for DODM?
• R2-Potater
• LOTR Bearers of the one ring
• Star wars battle mauser water pistol
• Thunderbird 2; the new travesty.
• Incredibles mug
• Lara Croft Tomb Raider mug
• The Hulk Heroclix
• IC Undiegrads Thong
• The Spot
• Wind Up Wolverine
• Ice Man
• Pirates of the Caribbean talking pen

We want to limit how many lots we have, to make sure we have enough time. We only had 6 lots last time apparently. So we should probably only have 6 lots this time. To make sure we have enough time.
We will be doing
• R2-Potato
• Ice man
• Wind Up Wolverine
• The Spot
• Pirates of the Caribbean pen
• Mystery lot (Ed + Peter)
We need to know when we’re doing this, not where we’re storing our swords.
People can’t eat and drink in the Clore. We say they can’t. No pints in Clore, especially since people can’t leave the Quad with alcohol. This needs to be in the handout.

Timetable draft 2
0800 Setup
1000 Doors open
1030 Welcome / Ken McCloud
1130 Farah’s talk.
1230 DODM / lunch
1400 Charlie’s talk
1500 Panel talk – run by Dave
1600 Turkey Read
1630 Silly Games
1730 Wrap up / close doors. (unless we have Clore for less time). Definitely not a fish duel. Oh god no, definitely not one of them.
1800 Quiz. Goodbye, if necessary.
2000 Dinner

Fish duel – we don’t have a definite champion. We don’t necessarily have a champion from another University. Becca will try to rope someone from Cambridge into coming.
We need to make sure we can have the sound system in Da Vinci’s. Also Ale & Pies need to be available.
Make sure we can find a confirmed Cambridge champion. But if we can’t find one we can have an in-house not a fish duel.

Picocon Wyrm
1. Chair Entity speaks – Picocon introduced.
2. Timetable to be got out the minutes.
3. Author bios to be lifted from the website.
4. House games; details. Some prize based on the book we have, from some guy. Someone needs to write something about them. Alex will do this.
5. DODM lots. Need to be written by Benjamin / Pete.
6. Map.
7. Something else; 30 years of ICSF, a retrospective. Where the library is going.
We will probably have a Felix article. Nothing else needs really delegating by Smithers. T-shirts are absolutely okay. Cost is precisely the same. Old T-Shirts for 5 quid. New ones for 8.
That is everything from Smithers.

We should have a poster campaign going. Daniel will organise this, get posters up. They need to go out ASAP – Dan says tomorrow.

Next meeting Friday. Desk rota needs starting.

Meeting closes 2005