Minutes of the ICSF Committee meeting 23/01/07

Present: Dave Bartram (Chair), Matthew Smith (Editor), Tim Henson (treasurer), Alex Trenchard (Picocon sofa), Alan Parish (Secretary), Rebecca Davis, Alban Cadu, Dan Rolph (Publicity)

Apologies: Peter Mabbott (Librarian, Web Editor)

Meeting opened: 18:16

Chair's Business

Treasurer's Report

We have money and we've sent in our budgets, and they have confirmed that they received ours.

Librarian's Report

Shelving to hit Becca, Hay-on-wye trip to be week(end) after term (22nd of June), ends maybe stop in bed and breakfasts or youth hostels. : Complete Angel vote passed to buy, in box set or in separate sessions, which ever is cheaper.

Picocon Subcommittee's Report

Picocon!!!! Sat Feb. 17th. Good and bad, It Will happen has some problems: We do have three guests, we have vendors, we have fantasy centre porcupine books and playing games. Tom Womack would like one table to sell off his books. Trying to contact Elrich But as we are pushed for space it won't matter if they don't show up. Rooms, good news we have Db's and De Vinci’s. Bad news due to cross lines we have one of the top room meeting rooms for the talks, Dave (Chair) in process of contacting the Indian soc who have the UGH. Society in concert hall is Chinese Soc and Dave will talk to them also. We could be out by 3-4
If both fall through... Dark corner of DB's could be used for talks. Also Cypriot Soc need it afterwards but shouldn't be a problem.
We need to make sure the Bar will have lots of Ale for the beards. Time table needs to be draw up, most likely by looking at last year's.
Plus we need to redo website,
Prices: members £4 students £6 Non-students £8, £10 "Join plus get in" Doors to open at 10 O'clock, leaflet-Pico-Wyrm: borderland review to be got from Alex.
Ken's arrangements still to be decided. Flights ~ 160 + ~ 90 for hotels so ~ 270 + food, babysiters...
Alex to sort out food at the same place as last year (ASK)
DODM We have some merchandise (NOT Journey of the GODS) Karne, Ali, Kath offered to get liquid N. and get tools from Motor club, Ben to be auctioneer.
Under control, later in the day Author talks and Panel talk. Dave to chair it to stop it getting it out of hand. Silly games and turkey talk: Turkey read people read books and are bidded to stop or continue, flowing into DODM? or keeping it as an emergency timetable thing. Silly games, charades, morning crescent, just a minute.
Quiz: people liked the themed rounds; make the first letter of each answer to spell something out? Babelfish, book covers first lines of books, and last lines.
Pre-picocon publicity, posters and email the list of attendants from last year and an article in Felix. And preview on Live!
Jon to keep checking the room and contact security and make sure we have lighting heating and such and a cart. For the LAN we need computers, consoles may be a wii? TV from union and maybe from Stoic. Bat-ter-ress for WII if it comes.
Logo T-shirts are in hand WWWWOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!! Smithers is God. He knows about the sizes, bookmarks no!!!!

Editor's Report

Fanzine going well, Wrymtonuge...never mind

Any Other Business

Alex (SCC minion): AGM, date decided for 15th March Thursday followed by drinkage.
Secretary: Set up a msn account to contact the library, Using librarian password.
Peter to contact bowling soc about the trophy.
Dave Clemenct to supervise the black pearl.

Meeting Closed: 19:37