Minutes of the ICSF Committee meeting 07/12/06

Present: Dave Bartram (Chair), Matthew Smith (Editor), Tim Henson (Treasurer), Alex Trenchard (Picocon Sofa), Alan Parish (Secretary), Ian Kirker, Ben Bleach, Daniel Rolph, Ed Boff, Cristina Rodriguez Trobajo

Apologies: Jon Cockayne (Picocon Beanbag), Sergey Punzhin (Chair of Vice)

Meeting opened: 18:29

Chair's Business

Confirmed date with Physics and a member of staff and the first round of invitations have been sent out. Dave Clements may be able to come.

Treasurer's Report

We have 1058 pounds we have spent 7 out of SGI, we also have £170 to get from the union when we get another 11 members (Wouter +10), Union has not entered our income onto the website so we're running off Tim's system.
The web joining system doesn't work properly....the Mort trip cost us £16.16 and we made a golden turtle,

Budgeting: It's December.... due end of January, three things
Picocon budget to go to Union, but it might not count as a trade fair.
We lost our equipment budget, we need to buy 3 new (Tim in charge) chairs and maybe a new desk.
Publicity £10 for book marks the book budget got slashed get some budget for more audio cd's of sc-fi. SCC meeting on Monday.

Librarian's Report

Becca is making progress on finding new shelves, Tom Squires emailed Peter to try and un-ban himself, Vote to keep him on probation and he can't touch the computer... with a limited borrowing period after Xmas (Passed).

Picocon Subcommittee's Report

We have authors and they are excited, and Charlie Stress will make his own way down and will only expect us to cover his flight (not his wife's). We need to talk to Ken to arrange his flight and we need to find him a place to stay.
Flights~ 50-60 each way
Hotels ~40 so ~under 300.
Still have to decide on a flight, and the people who give a room to Ken will receive a free Dinner.
Porcupine books want to come, all the stalls want parking space.
Need to check on rooms, power and parking spaces maybe in Physics,
Quiz in da vincis Alex would like to write the quiz with a round of book covers, and there will be beer and a sound system.
Liquid Nitrogen for DODM, weapons from motor club. get the nitrogen from Physics.
To Tim "you live up north don't you"? Tim "Do I? Yes I do!!!" so he can drop off the flyers in the fantasy center.( Theme and poster and T-shirts, theme, space Opera, Dave had ideas for instead of Silly games, Ben and Steve will pimp their games, Ben to be in charge of DODM, Web editor,

Chair of Vice's Report

We believe we have everything back from Mort woot!!.

Editor's Report

Had lots of suggestions, however to implement them will take a few days so it will be done during the holiday. ~ 9-5 * 7 = 49 hours.

Publicity Officer's Report

Have posters for the Xmas recruitment,

Any Other Business

We should buy Angel £90, woot!!!

Meeting Closed: 19:40