Minutes of the ICSF Committee meeting 16/11/06

Present: Dave Bartram (Chair),Peter Mabbott (Librarian, Web Editor), Sergey Punzhin(Chair of Vice), Matthew Smith (Editor), Tim Henson (Treasurer), Alex Trenchard (Picocon Sofa), Alan Parish (Secretary), Matt Rihan, Jon Cockayne (Picocon Beanbag)

Apologies: Dan Rolph (Publicity)

Late: Cristina Rodriguez Trobajo

Meeting opened: 18:22

Chair's Business

The 30th anniversary lunch will be on sat 24 march in the Physics common room, but there will be no roof based shenanigans.
We will need an imperial college staff member for which we can use Dave Clements (or other staff members if he is unavailable). We need to contact staff members about the lunch and then we can send out the first round of "not" invitations.
Contact Alumni to get contact details of others.
Contact Physics Bob to get more people access to the physics building for the lunch.

Treasurer's Report

We now have 74 members, one problem as an associate member was billed as if a full member.
We have a thousand in refundables, which has gone down a bit because of the purchases of Futurama and Buffy DVDs.
Asked SCC for £188 for more chairs but they said no. However there was a mistaken because they believed we had £100 equipment budget and also, they wrongly rejected it because it was a valid contingency claim.( claimed by Peter) . If we wish to appeal it we need to file an appeal by Monday 5:00.
To appeal to SAC on the grounds a mistake was made: passed (7 for, 3 abstentions)

Librarian's Report

We need to work out where we can put in more shelves and the stuff from the book crawl needs to be catalogued.

Picocon Subcommittee's Report

Picocon: 17th February
Still have 3 authors, talked to Fantasy Centre and others about stalls.
We have Db's, union dinning hall and de Vinci’s for the evening for the quiz.
As the Mountbatten festival is also running that day have to ferry people to and from the union.
We can accommodate the author Charlie Stross at Dave Clements's.
Publicity...Adverts for Picocon , one for Mort need to be made (Dan). The next BSFA is next Wednesday and there isn’t one in Dec so this will be the one in which we need to advertise, maybe with bookmarks.
We already have some Dodgy Merchandise so we don’t need to buy much more.
For T-shirts we can have more than one colour (most likely black) sizes. Phase out the small girls sizes and the triple X sizes.
For the theme, pirates? space opera?

Editor's Report

The Fanzine is done Pdf copies will be online tonight comments welcome, and 80 copies will cost £25-30 to print.

Web Editor's Report

People should not save data on the computer unless club officers but only then if their own directories

Any Other Business

Casino Royale trip, Dave "It is So Awesome" planned for Thursday 23rd at the Fulham Road Cineworld or a cinema on Kings Road,... Sergey to work out details.
Plans for a Mort trip
Motion: to make a trip to mort with a non zero subsidy: 7 for 2 against 2 aphetic. Motion for a subsidy of £1.5 a person, 7 for, 4 apathetic.
Date for Subsidy to be worked out with help from Drama Soc (maybe Friday 1st).
Library for the Blind sent a thank you letter for the donation but because of a bad mail merge we can't put it on show.
There will be a Wyrm tongue soon....
Librarian to write a part of it.
Planned Evangelion showings organized by Smithers, information to be put on the mailing list.
Evil overlord.......to be discussed at a later date

Meeting Closed 19:33