ICSF Committee meeting 24/11/2006

Present: Dave (Chair), Alex (Picocon Sofa), Cristina (member), Ian (grumpy alumnus), Sergey (Chair of Vice), Peter (Librarian, Web Editor), Tim (treasurer), Becca (acting secretary)
Smithers, Dan, Jon

Meeting opened:

Treasurer's Report

-61 full members, ~6 assoc members
-Need to beat money out of committee members
-£600 in refundables

Librarian's Report

-We have books

Picocon Subcommittee's Report

-BSFA meeting tomorrow evening, anyone can come along, good opportunity to promote Picocon.
-Meet here by 1800

Web Editor's Report

-Want to change the passwords, as every member in the last 6 years knows them.
-Committee members to save files in my documents in relevant year/committee position
-Don't save gaming stuff to main my docs
-Need to find college logon for ICSF

Bookcrawl 5th nov (Cristina)

-Need to confirm details
-Meet South Kensington Station to leave at 10am
-Get to Fantasy Centre for 11
-Leave Fantasy Centre for 12
-Have packed lunch/sandwiches
-Go to Tottenham Court Road
-Forbidden Planet, Gosh,
-Back to library
-Drop books
-Disperse, plans to have dinner/watch fireworks
-Tell Oxford, Cambridge (information on Wiki), Anime soc and Bath
-Get the people to confirm if coming and when...
-Make a list of places and times of the bookcrawl

Shelving report

-Eric (DPC&S) won't move us
-Got a couple of quotes
-Sergey looking at reshevling options
-Becca to look at other solutions
-May move lights or... fizzy fizzy pertang


-Committee dinner
-To check contact details of past members
-When? round Easterish, The weekend before the holidays
-Dave to look into getting a room, maybe the Physics common room...
-Sat 24th march.

Evil overlord II

-Noir style
-Stoic will lend us the stuff if at least one of us joining.
-After Pico-con, Alex will have time
-Alia might have an original copy of real overload, maybe from Stoic and a commentary by Baz, Simon, Alia.....group, or singular,
-Alan to be chief monkey.

Website redevelopment

-The hand out created by Michelle was examined
-Karne and Michelle are making new website
-New front page with portal
-Ongoing discussion of the changes of the website on the committee list.
-Movage of stuff on the website
-Rearrange to help with easy of use.

Any Other Business

-£200.62 (Cheque) for the National Library for the Blind
-Recase photos
-Wargames trip to Game On! at a lunch time probably in a fortnight. £4 or free depending..

Meeting Closed: 19:25