Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 11/10/06

Present:Dave Bartram (Chair),Peter Mabbott (Librarian, Web Editor), Sergey Punzhin(Chair of Vice), Matthew Smith (Editor), Tim Henson (treasurer), Alex Trenchard (Picocon sofa), Christina Rodriguez Trobajo, Rebecca McKinlay, Ed Boff, Becca Davies (Acting Secretary), Matt Rihan, Alban Cadu.

Apologies: Jon Cockayne (Picocon Beanbag), Dan Rolph (Publicity), Alan Parish (Secretary)

Meeting Opened:18:25

Chair's Report

-Thanks to everyone who helped at Femtocon, was a success.
-Thanks to Aziz for carrying tables around.

Treasurer's Report

-We have 67 members to date (62 have paid)
-Haven't seen money from joining members online yet.
-4 associate members.
-need 12 more full members (should be easy).
-about £150 more in SGI, most will immediately be paid to Smithers.
-Invoice for photocopying in SAC, was Smithers, bill to be paid.

Getting more money
-Appeal to SCC?
-(Alex) We have a poor case.
-Ask for more for speakers' budget?
-We have very healthy refundables.
-(Smithers) Doesn't this boil down to "We can't get all of the shiney things we might like" rather than "We need the money or we fold".
-(Chair) Harlington Trust (segue to Librarian's Report).

Librarian's Report

We need more shelf space. How?
- Basically, we have to appeal for more shelving
-Possiblity of sliding shelves
-would decrease reading space
-structural pillar in the way
-Multi-person browsing
-Library closed while installing.
-Lots more space (approx double?)
-We can argue to funders that sliding shelves are a concrete advantage.
-Need to find a supplier.
-Possibility of higher shelves.
-lighting in the way, possible to move?
-difficult to reach/browse
-another ~20% space
-£150-£160 per unit
-People providing funding will question proposal, “replace shelves with shelves”
-Redesign with existing selves from scratch.
-Not enough information at present.
-(Sergey)Space being used inefficiently, will look at alternatives for layout
-Ask for another area to use as stacks
-No storage space in union, will ask anyway
-Not really suitable, risk of damage to books, difficult to access
-Other options
-Design Competion to Civ Eng dept.
-Talk to Eric Lai re: library moving in near future

-(Chair)Stop expansion of library at some point?
-Still books still being published, still have gaping holes in collection.
-Library been increasing at about 500 a year (NB: Having checked numbers, this seems a fairly accurate. A minimum annual increase of 100 is what I'd estimate to keep the society's library genuinely viable, although totally killing the purchases would have only delayed effect by reducing our library-only members- Peter).
-in top 30 sci-fi libraries in world.
-in top 3 student libraries in world.
-Some very rare books, difficult to justify getting rid of, even things which are rarely read, couldn't be replaced should there be a future demand.
-Possible to open up to researchers, things published outside UK may only be available in Liverpool. (To be discussed at a later date).
-Against philosophy of library to get rid of books.
-Could decrease social space.
-Effect of this would be loss of active members, to make future committee, come back as elders, make donations etc.
-Risk of loss of active members through removal of “quiet” reading space, inc. between shelves.
-Generate a reading corner behind pillar with chairs ?
-Conversely, it is easy to forget that, actually, the library, rather than the social aspect, is what interests the majority (75%) of our members.

-Large capital purchases
- Peter doesn't like making large purchases without committee's OK
-Buffy(DVD) – has been bought
-Futurama(DVD) (Seasons 1-4, £80) (Vote: all in favour, excluding 2 Abstentions) (Will try to sell old videos)
-X-files(DVD)(Seasons 3-5, £60)(Would only be to save shelf space - infrequently watched) (Vote: against)
-Lost(DVD) Wait until the price drops
-Blake's 7(DVD) Classic sci fi, only want from completest point of view, will not be watched often.
-Stargate(DVD) Seasons 2-6, £20 a season (6 in favour, 2 against, 3 abstentions)
- Peter watches this while wearing all his clothing. There was a round of applause.
-Replace all Starwars(DVD) <£100 - Librarian to retunr with actual numbers
-Battlestar Galactica season 2(DVD) £35, (7 in favour, 4 abstentions)
-Replace all Starwars(DVD) <£100
-Treasurer to draw up budget with librarian

-Other notes
-Browsing day was sucessful, if in an unexpected way - no freshers, but the lack of a film decreased volume of the room, and people actually started reading books!
-More quiet reading days
-Jon Mattews (DPCS) nice guy, also Jon Collins(President)

-Sergey to do floor plan
-Peter & Becca to research slidey shelves (and ceiling high ones)
-Buy All of Futurama
-Buy Lost (if affordable)
-Buy Blake's 7 (if affordable)
-Buy Stargate intermediate series (Rebecca will sell Sns 2,3 cheaply, Ali will buy Sn. 4 using his contacts in the mafia)

Picocon Sub-Committee's Report

-2 confirmed authors & 1 sci fi critic (will also bring students) = 3 guests of honour
-10th feb date
-good start
-no rooms yet
-fliers by November BSA
-Talk to Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Aberystwyth (Alex), Bath (Becca), Sheffield (Peter)
-Max to defend the honour of the society
-Sergey volunteers to do it if Max refuses.
-Alex to talk to Jon re: Picocon responsibilities
-no stairway in union until March
-see alternatives from last year(Alex)

Chair of Vice's Report

-Should be more organised with barnights
-Mailshot to main mailing list
-Table needs finding early in evening
-Get freshers to dip glasses in beer
-It is Alex's birthday next week
-Need to find beer pots(Peter)

Editor's Report

-No fanzine yet
-Almost finished
-Copies to be sent out for proofreading
-To be printed at printshop, £25+£5 for 80 copies – motion agreeing to expenditure passed unopposed
-Two copies to be reserved for archives

-Remove old copies from boxes, just leaving 2 per year for archives(i.e. still have 50 copies of decade old issues)


-No impulse buys to be accepted, only requests and filling in gaps/replacing oversize books.
-Members enjoy them.
-Have promised them.
-Allow people to join during the day (esp old members), need map and timetable (Cristina to organise)
-no sit down meal during middle, at end instead (Sergey)
-Travel on tube (check for engineering works nearer the date)
-Return to library for 6pm, then look for food and go to watch fireworks
-Peter and Cristina to organise (liasing with Sergey).


-Defer to future:
-Evil Overlord II
-30th anniversary
-Discuss website

-motion of censure again Scottish Dave, Alex & Owain for reading the darker passions of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to library.
-Another meeting within fortnight.

Meeting Closed: 19:55