Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 09/10/06: Pre-Femtocon meeting

Present: Dave Bartram (Chair), Sergey Punzhin (Chair of Vice), Peter Mabbott (acting Secretary, Librarian, Web Editor), Dan Rolph (Publicity Officer), Jon Cockayne (Picocon Beanbag) and Matthew Smith (Editor)

Meeting Opened: 1230


Poster is nearly available

Arrow posters to be printed to direct freshers

Email to be set to the lists

What will be there?
- LAN (House of Fail to organise equipment, Jon to oversee) running Unreal Tournament
- Big pile of duplicates (charge for any really good stuff)
- Tim's sign up table (i.e. somewhere for sign up forms, users guides, membership cards)
- Boardgames (to be handled by Wargames)
- Tour runs of library (one early in timetable, one at end)
- Nibbles! (Smithers to organise purchase. Hass £22 budget)
- Quiz (Peter to finish adapting Dave's, Sergey is the PA)

Wargames will run one-offs in evening.

Print up a rough timetable (help reduce fresher confusion).

Set up to begin at 11, event to open at 1, pack up to be at about 3:30 (?).

Make efforts to bridge freshers between pack up and games.

Meeting closed: 1315