Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 28/09/06: Pre-term meeting

Present:Alan Parish (Secretary), Peter Mabbott (Librarian), Ed Boff,James Barrett, Wouter Van den Bergh, Cristina Rodriguez Trobajo, Jon Cockayne (Picocon Beanbag), Dave Bartram (Chair), Matt Rihan (attending as Wargames Chair), Alex Trenchard (Picocon Sofa), Matthew Smith (Smithers) (Editor), Kath Dawes, Sergey Punzhin (Chair of Vice)

Absent without leave: Dan Rolph (Publicity)

Meeting Opened: 18:41

Chair's Report

Dave welcomes back the committee, congratulates everyone on not failing.

Treasurer's Report

We have £1000 in refundables, but in budget we lost all our equiment budget (due to not spending it on what we said we would) and lost some of our Publicity [Web Editor: I could have sworn he said Copyright Materials].

We want a reserve of at least £300 so £700 to spend.

Membership fee stays as £8 flat rate.

We want to sign up by paper so we have the paperwork. Doing it online is problematic for both Treasurer and Librarian.

use the proper forms!!!!!!

Librarian's Report

The library has about 7000 books, 1000 videos/DVDs, plus various other stuffs.

We are missing missing 106 books (some from preceeding years)

People to put stuff back on the shelves.

On Door a key locator, to keep on the inside of the door, with a back in 5 option. Dan, by virtue of his absence, deputised to do this.

Lost stuff charge: Replacement instead of charge, in case of DVDs, charge a repacement fee - if a member starts "losing" a lot, warn then suspend them.

Peter: standerised DVD cover to be made by Dan. For DVDs, slimline DVDs, VHS

Large DVD sets to be taken out in small thin cases.

Smithers: DVDs to be copy have been split into high, low, and andromeda

Kath: List to be made of DVDs to be recopied: list on the desktop (Note: Or now on noticeboard - PM).

To make a note to contact the libarian if DVD or book is damaged (On desktop or noticeboard - PM)

Picocon Subcommittee's Report

Alex: Charlie Stross and Ken McLeod, confirmed for Picocon. Still looking for 3rd author.

Resolved: To spend from refundables to get both the authors in to increase the value Of Picocon.

Sat 10th Feb most likely date. To be finalised a month into term hopefully.

Fresher's Fair

To remove people from the keylist who aren't not in the uni (Simon).

Dave: Don't Scare The Freshers!

Be nice, let them in, say hello. Don't discus Wargames, Consider the people who are there before speaking, No shout down's. Meme's out of con (At least the complicated ones)

Resolved: To schedule a few book only lunchtimes. Regulars to "go to Pub"

Have some evening sessions, plus web cam (to show library is open) - advertise webcam in Wyrm.

Smither's fresher's wyrm: to give a case example "Day in the life of the libray" for Fresher's fair Tuesday.

Resolved: To make list of Films for the freshers week, by taking last year's lists and evolving them, and to stick to it.

To try and swap and get a covered stall, with at least 2 people to be in the libary to show something.


Put everything in the concert hall, to start at 2 and finish at ~4 to be tidied up by 5.

To put TVs, consoles and beanbags with books.

Series evenings: Smithers wishes to show Evangelion (Suggested this waits for second term)

Alex to show Dr Who new series 2 Monday 6:30 two at a time (Ed has on tape, Alan has *cough* a digital copy)

Firefly to show on Fridays, finished with Serenity (Cristina takes this task on)

ICSF's 30th (Pearl) Anniversary

Awards At Picocon because of the 30 years,

Collect old committee members email's to Dave, for a past committee meal.

Membership cards: to be done by Jon.


Red Dwarf series final parts ~£25
Buffy replacment for £135- passed
An optical wired mouse cheap, universal hand.- to be bought by Smithers

Fanzine (Zenith) to put PDF on line for committee to proofread.


Peter: Formal thanks to Ed and Smithers for their help.

Praise Bob and apologise for Mitul

End 19:59