Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 16/06/06

Present:  Alex (Chair) Dave (Chair Elect, Publicity), Alan (Secretary Elect) Tim (Treasurer) Smithers (Editor) Ian (Librarian) Peter (Librarian Elect) + Large contingent of others.
Apologies: Mark (Secretary)

Alex thanks past and present committee

Summary of year:

all went well :)

Future members to talk to last years members (of the commitee)

Dave: Thanks past chair (Alex) and implodes doom, corsets bad

Freshers fair:

To request to be near wargames and meat soc

Other Business:

Official handover on 1/8/06

Tim: DO talk to Chair (Dave or Alex) about money matters over summer.

Road trip to be rescheduled to next year, suggestion for start of next year

Christina: end of year dinner, week after end of term, formal occasion

Alex: asks for money for a slinky dress from Tim to help with embezzlements

Tim: We have lots of money,

Motion to ban Ali from buying club dread: passed

Window: needs to be locked, people to check it before leaving the library.

Key list: (to be done from scratch)  Committee + others (who have reasons) People to email Alan (me)   

Name for Fanzine (Smithers) : Awesome rejected, Zenith approved

Dave: next years committee to all be put on committee list

Smithers: Amine soc, motion to: merge databases of anime and sc-fi over anime and manga + sharing facilities (but to keep separate entities)

Anime asked to play part in Picocon, Alex to contact and find out more.

Icsf and Felix relationship to be improved at the start of the next year

Rupert Neate Rag - still unresolved

30th anniversary next year people to think of ideas over summer

Alex: idea to invite back past members

Ian to Stock check over summer, to do a book recall before end of term

meeting adjourned