ICSF Pico-con Meeting: 19/01/06

Present:Alex(Chair), Mark(Secretary), Tim(Treasurer), Peter, Malc(Web Editor), Dave(Publicity Officer), Smithers(Wrym Editor), Ben(Picocon sofa), Ian(Head Librarian), Baz, Christina(Chair of Vice), Gwen, Kath, Daniel, Rebecca
Apologies: Mitel, Aragnathor,Giggle.
Baz apologies for the fall of babylon
Ian apologies for Jesus
Tim apologies for not remembering any of hie heinous crimes

meeting opened: 18:13

A brief and terrible interlude

Picocon Sofa Report

despite panic we do have rooms
10am start
UDH and DB's
pretty much same layout as last yera
traders in DB's
talks in UDH
past attendies have benn sent an e-mail reminder
We have some stuff for DODM
Dave has brought back Mysteries of the universe...WHY!?
Traders are: Eldritch, Internet Book Place (name not remembered), Playing Games? (need to check), Fantasy Central, Porcupine Books
2 tables for each trader
looking into power and heating

General Picocon Discussion

access to the DJ both for anouncements? probably not
Authors + vendors need to be contacted re: parking spaces
Chair requests periodic updates to committiee list for anything that is done for Picocon
Beer - need to ensure bar open all day
flyers need to be given out to more places
Bookmarks needed before next wednesday (dollar bill idea would be great)
Need cost for entry togo on flyer, website, etc...
Free Entry for traders
Free Entry for people who gave us back our rooms, lovely people
Placeholder poster produced (past round)
Will want a dozen or so A3 posters to put up on walkway
A few coloured ones would be nice (and more noticable)
LAN gaming will go ahead. Ian to minion whoever he desires to get this to happen
arrange which computers are going to be used
Book TV's with STOIC now to ensure we have them
Ben: "Bitter Ian is not one of our guest of honour"
T-shirts... a cool pics to use
JFK warrior of the future!
Ali arrives...and there was much rejoicing
contact comittiee list for help with finding a shirt producer, Khan ought to know something about doing them
Two different shirt designs, one fantasy, one sci-fi...producing both ought to boost sales
Need to get T-shirt designs sorted ASAP, time is getting short
How to identify committiee - committiee T-shirt? not overly practical
What else: cards, tags, wrist bands, penguins, silly hats, a gaint pink snake...we only have one giant pick snake...kthuluhu, monkey's, castles, A DUCK!
Need to organise rota for running the front desk

Draft Timetable

1000 - Doors Open, not a fish duel
Setting up from about 0800 onwards, realistically.

1100 - Alex's speech, [Author], not a fish duel
Houses explination.
Babysitters act as chaperones throughout the day and introduce the authors' talks.

1200 - Lunch, Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise, not a fish duel
DoDM is explained: It's a charity auction, with Liquid Nitrogen and sledgehammers.

1330 - [Author], not a fish duel

1430 - [Author], not a fish duel

1530 - Panel, not a fish duel

1630 - Silly games, not a fish duel
Just a Minute, Call my Bluff, Mornington Crescent, etc
People being witty for other people's enjoyment.
Need to get a schedule set up for this

1730 -
Officially nothing is happening. Current students only.
On an unrelated note, sea bass are considered medium-calibre fish.
On an equally unrelated note, ICSF have Ben as an unofficial champion

1800 - Quiz, not a fish duel
Alex to Organise questions

1900 - Close

2000 - Supper with the authors

Baby Sitters

???? need to put appeal on list
thanks guys


Get dietry requirements for Authors
Invite a wargames guest?
Spare books: bribe of free books to other sci-fi societies
Invites to: Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Aberystwyth
Program not to be printed on morning of Picocon
In closing - repeated plea for increased communications
Ian paid for our new shelves...we need to give him moonies for this!
Need to spend budget before union takes it away...BEANBAGS!!
Mark wants a padded room
Tim is competant...or just American
New darleks would be nice...e-mail committiee list for minions
Christina is scarey...VETOed by chair...on second thoughts VETO is removed
Road Trip
need minibus drivers (3 preferably)
We need an ICSF mobile
full details to be discussed at a later time

meeting closed: 19:25