ICSF New Year Meeting

Present:Alex(Chair), Mark(Secretary), Tim(Treasurer), Peter, Rebecca, Malc(Web Editor), Dave(Publicity Officer), Smithers(Wrym Editor)
Apologies: Mitel, Aragnathor, Ben(Picocon sofa), Ian(Head Librarian)

meeting opened: 18:17

Head Librarians Report

Ian's not here
The library is
He's sorting out books with minions sometime next week
all volunteers welcome

Treasurer's Report

68 full
7 associate
£1400 refundables
£148 copyright (union still have £48 of that)
ought to look into making purchaes soon
need DVD storage device
need beanbags, anyone know were from? buy 4 or 5 for <£100, if possible
need upgrade to library computer, mostly for a DVD drive, more RAM, better processor
possibly upgrade speakers, TV, video player
£100 in equipment (needs spending before budget submitted)

Wyrm Report

apologies for the small no. of issues.
There will be a feb Wyrm
Need submissions for it though!
Picocon T-shirts, illustrations done by the beginning of next week
faliure punishable by Highlander II
need to find a manufactoror for these
Only one thing worse than the concept of ICSF thongs.......without going into detail...Steve
Weather has been bitterly cold
ICSF coffee mugs would sell
Stuff for the fanzine would be nice...we currently have little
Picocon program needs to be ready a few days before picocon


Meeting to be next week
Baby Sitters needed for authors
They get a free meal
This needs to be booked
Author confirmed as:
Mark Roberts
Natasha Mostert
Ian Watson
E-mail authors and ask what they want to talk about
Also ask what they want to lunch / dinner (dietry requirements)
Also if they require any assistance with travel costs or parking spaces
Website in desperate need of update for Picocon
Flyers: are fine
Posters required to go up on walkway
Bookmarks - still work in progress


BFSA meeting Wednesday 25th Jan
Ben is not allowed at Wargames that evening!!
Picocon budget...e-mail Simon for forms to fil out
Aim for profit of £300 - £400
DVDs - anything we have copys of now can be lent out, but want written letter to Simon and written confirmation of our right to continue with this policy
Storage = big CD wallet will be sufficient (book of 100 should be enough for now)
Everything good has been copied, only the 'Giggles Files' remain
Malc goes though fills - danger mouse gets a WHEEE!!
Post-It note on side of computer with policy on it
Discussion of Road trip to be had when more people around
Key list needs to re-sorted, the obvious people taken off and Peter added
Announce AGM a month beofre it happens
Consider who will stand for positions next year
Kath to run a bookclub meeting on picocon authors books
People should read the picocon authors books
Give cheese a chance

meeting closed: 19:21