ICSF Picocon meeting 17th Novemeber 2005

Present: Everyone except Kath (who was too far away to be here)
Apologies: Mitel, Aragnathor, Becka (sorry to be here aparently), Baz (sorry for ninja movies)
Hidden: John, Ian

meeting opened: 18:15


Saturday 18th Feb 2006
No objections
Malc was hoping it'd be a tuesday...


We currently have Natasha Mostert and Ian Watson (not bitter Ian)
(Natasha Mostert && Ian Watson) = null
Still need a 3rd Author
Susana Clarke invited - but don't think she is well enough to attend
Liz Williams?
Could grab one from BSFA, so long as its not dead
e-mail committiee list for suggestions
George R. R. Martin definitely can't make it...po :(
Need to keep good communication with Authors, don't want to many to try and come, that would be embarrasing
TON - 1st Dec, another potential source of authors


Ben would like some leaflets by 30th November Suggest Illuminati symbol (pyramid withn eye) is used...but beware of copyright
Peter: "shall we just steal the great seal?"
Selection of fake dollar bills as bookmarks?
e-mail any bookmark ideas to Smithers
Places to advertise;

  • TON
  • BSFA
  • Dragonmeet
  • Conception
  • Gwen
  • Felix
  • Waterstones
e-mail web links to get dates posted up on the internet
post dates anywhere you want
Need post on the wargames website


if no union -> JCR / SCR
JCR is free, SCR will need cleaning deposit
will be no film if we are here
2 rooms, open plan, not too big
Will need to keep checking that the university don't overwrite our booking with a corperate one
Look into getting access to the Holland club


Use duplicate books as quiz prizes, luck dip, incentive for other soc.s to show up
There was no discussion of a fish duel
There are only 3 LARP fish in the UK, Steve has 1 of them
Possibility of a Wargames guest
Flic (assosiated with us) wants a table for something...
Quiz definietly on, but Alex won't write all the questions
People should keep an eye out for cheep stuff for DODM
Want T-Shirts this year, also seperate 'Crew' shirts

  • Playing Games
  • Fantasy Centre
  • Porcupine Books
  • Leisure Games
Not enough buisness for both games stores, we should invite Playing Games first as they have been good at stiking by us
Peter for Picocon sofa 2006/7
House Game as in previous years

meeting closed: 19:00