ICSF Committee Meeting 10th November

Present: Alex(Chair),Smithers(Wyrm Editor), Cristina(Chair of Vice), Ian(Head Librarian), Tim(Treasurer), Ben(Picocon Sofa), Mark(Secretary), Peter, Malc,

Apologies: Ali(hit by a motorbike!), Dave(), Mitel, Aragnathor

Congratulations to Mark :)

Meeting opens: 18:00

Librarian's Report

Not at book crawl, don't know
Alex, £87 of books brought, ran out of time, but was good fun
Getting 10 boxes of books this weekend
Ian not happy with his library, as usual

Treasurer's Report

Union figures behind ours
60 members plus, 6 affiliates all fully paid in
£1400 in refundables (we have the monies!)...about 1100 from last year
Outgoing treasurer claims his due
£150 spent on books and stuff so far
Tim not to get charged with fraud, whilst on fire
Please make sure new members give their CID, a few problems have occurred due to this
75% of target membership so far

Chair of Vice - Events

Union say we need to book an end of term Barnight...suggest 8th Dec
If we get a time machine need to schedule it for Christmas 1883
Cristina needs a calendar for X-mas...
X-mas dinner? Week after barnight, e-mail to be sent
Barrel of Youngs Bitter (£70.86 = 72 pints) as it's any good
Star Wars all-dayer - 4th Dec
Holiday special to feature
Cinema trip...waiting for tickets...Aliens Science museum
Likely to be meeting in the lib
Trip to see Harry Potter
ICU cinema all-nighter = very good
can we get some Serenity posters
Ian not to put them up
We need a homageometer...Penis lol = default setting
Moving on from Penis


Rather a separate Pico-con meeting next week
Looks like it will be held on 18th Feb
Ben apologies for early departure...Secretary shakes fist


Copyright laws vaguely investigated
No distinction between videos and DVDs
No more illegal than what we already do
Can't really implement rental fees for them
Do we want to keep on buying DVDs? YES motion unopposed (Ian indifferent)
Lending DVDs? Half the members seem to think they can
>Damage to DVDs an issue
>Might be able to lend out copies instead...£2 damage charge?
>Get DVD burner?
>Might need a more powerful computer to do that
Lending copies not originals...vote = unanimous
Need to announce lending policy explicitly
In the meantime, DVDs still not to be lent
Get a decent filing system, a bunch of DVDRs for the lib
Originals do not leave library or get played
Copyright issues...Have to tell them not to copy
Need to get some kind of form to sign
E-mail list, stickers on disks
Can only accept legal DVDs, NO COPIES TO BE ACCEPTED
Not any
We don't want to go to the special hell
Report of this to be drafted
Provisions for damage, £1 fee (on principle), note of damage made
Need to speak to Simon briefly about this
Accurate record will need to be kept to ensure a happy union
Start burning ASAP
Aim to start lending them for the start of next term

Committiee Contacts

Should all exchange phone numbers at some point, so we can keep in touch


Need to make sure it's internally consistent


Plea for stuff for next months Wyrm
Too many left-handed people!!(50% of members present)
Also, everyone except Alex has glasses...
Put Wyrm in more places...maybe where Felix comes out.


E-mail list - some members seem not to be getting mail
Key list needs rejigging (before next term)
Duty librarians...redundent it seems

Meeting closes: 18:53

Meeting Closed