Tuesday 18th October

Present: Alex(chair), Ben(picocon sofa), Cristina(chair of vice), Ian(head librarian), Kath, Simon, Tim(treasurer), Ali
Apologies: Mark(secretary), Dave(publicity officer), Smithers(wyrm editor), Malc
AWOL: Shuri
Meeting opened 1833


Dates and Sites


Ian and Ali have looked at tube dates.
Things to consider are tube and other cons.
For BSFA, Ton details, talk to Dave Clements.
There should be a Ton in a few weeks.
This year is Picocon 23.
Big trip to the Ton as a Barnight? [tangent]But less kissing this time.
Kath is just jealous of Ben's action. And the visual experience.
Apparently Ian enjoyed it.
Ben should have made out with Ian. Jem said so, so it must be true.
Apparently about half the college knows about this.
Gwen is a pseudo-fresher. [/tangent]


Is the Union still going to be there?
Simon says Union isn't going to be there unless there's a humungous cockup.
Total project lifespan = 18 months, so no Union next year either.
Kensington Town Hall is available, Ben waiting on prices.
MDH + Ante Room? Ian says 'not big enough'.
Great Hall too big and is just one room.
Realistically we need one room for talks, one for vendors + LAN, and one room for 'other'.
Would it be possible to have talks in Ante Room, everything else in the MDH, entry from Q's lawn?
Ken Town Hall would be better, Ben still waiting.


Laminated bookmarks are great.
Give clumps to people to hand out further.
Also give flyers to Playing Games and Waterstones.
Waterstones still do the discount, BTW. So tell people, and give Waterstones a membership card.
Bookcrawl: a good opportunity to give away flyers. Eg Fantasy Centre
It's worth tying publicity into whichever authors and theme we're having.
But theme is difficult.

Do we have any names yet?
Kath to email Stephen Baxter again.
Ben has a few 'not no' answers.
Susanna Clark is one of the people we've invited, but she's v. fatigued ATM, so don't hold your collective breath.
If we feel it's appropriate, we can try to get at them again via CUSFS
Should we attempt to invite Pratchett?
If we *did* somehow get Pratchett, it would become Pratchettcon.
We used to run 'Whocon's for many years. Now we don't.

Contacts so far:
Kath - Stephen Baxter
Ali - Susanna Clark
Ben - George R.R. Martin, Adam Roberts (is often at BSFA), Tom Holt, Stephen Briggs (does Pratchett plays)

People we can invite:
Kim Stanley Robinson (possibly going to be either writing or with family)
Juliet McKenna (we haven't invited her for ages) who is a BOGS.
- We have three BOGS, one of whom (Prof Finley) is no longer with us.

[Simon commands that we minute yesterday's Dilbert ie 17/10/05
[The strip can be viewed at http://www.dilbert.com/comics/dilbert/archive/dilbert-20051017.html]

Liz Williams (big attender of BSFA meetings)
Doug Naylor (half of Grant Naylor) - Ben might be able to help with that

We should start attending BSFAs and Tons, just to have a public face there.
Dave is known as Dave, because that is his name.

Other stuff

Sellers? The usual bunch. We'll decide that at Christmas, we need a date first before we can invite people.
Yasmin from Playing Games is friendly.
Vicky knows the chap from the other games shop.
Are we going to do a film this year? Tim wants to be able to budget for it.
That depends whether we'd have a venue.
The film very rarely makes us any money.
Ian says we could show Invader Zim. That'd be great!
T-shirt designs - people to poke Smithers. We'll make money on them. Also, I really want one.
Ali to ask Richard Plackett about cheap-ish t-shirt printing.

Immediate things:
Dave Bartram for flyers (generic so far will do)
Smithers for tshirts, random artwork to have in advance
Daniel Rolph also draws some stuff, and could easily be persuaded to draw some generic sci-fi stuff
Go to:
-BSFA 26th Oct at the Star
-Ton is 1st Thurs of each month, in Walkers of Holborn (03/11/05)
Once we have Authors and Date we need a concentrated publicity campaign
-Declare a date by the end of the month?
Go to a BSFA and make sure we're not clashing with anything, eg Worldcon planning meeting

Alex briefly chokes on his own tongue. But at least it's better than Ben's.


People, come to the BSFA!
60 members so far
Lots of keen freshers
You can barely get in through the door at lunchtimes
Gwen is *very* keen

Wargames involvement w/ Picocon? Basically fine. Just don't keep people from going to talks and things.
Card games, board games, 1-shots in slots max 2 hrs.
It *does* bring a few people in.

Announce Picocon online.

Stuff for Wyrmtongue, please.

Kath's Baby (the bookclub) is still alive. This month we have books that have been turned into movies.
People will have read the books.

How many rings did Sauron forge? Just one, Simon says.

Tim needs Todd Mathey and Henrik Baarnhielm; Todd needs CID, Henrik needs an Assoc Member form.

Ask freshers if they have any useful contacts. Harvest Gwen's contacts ruthlessly and vigorously.

Meeting Closed 1913