Minutes of ICSF Pre-term Committie Meeting: 27/09/05

Present - Alex(chair), Christina (Chair of Vice), Mark(secretary), Smithers(Wyrm editor), Ian(librarian), Ali(librarian), Dave Bartram(social secretary) Baz, Matt, Vicky, Malc.
Apologies for absense from Ben(Picocon sofa), Shuri(projectionist), Tim(treasurer).
The Society also apologises for Mital, Aragnothor and Gore.
Meeting opened

Meeting opens: 18.38

Chair's Report

"Good news everybody!"
Welcome back and congratulations on being 'not dead'.
How will poor Smithers cope with the horrors of 2nd year physics?
Well done for all not failing.
This year we want lots of fresehers to replace the large number of graduates who are moving on with their lives.
Hey Ali.
More female members would be nice.
Vicky:"There are female members, wht we need are more 'active' female members"
All: "LOL"
Ian: "The database says we have 16% female members...but the what percentage is edible?"

Librians Report

Actually, thats pretty much it...
We have some new shelves and some new books.
Baz: "I suggest we lay siege to orbit with a trebuchet"...Best trebuchet ever!
Items in stock: 6370 books, 173 graphic novels, 1023 video, 37 dvds.

Treasurer's Report

Tim absent, but Malc is able to provide a few useful pieces of information
£800 more money than last year, due to the brilliance of the retiring treasurer?
Currently it seems we have double the budget we are supposed to have...we should blame/congratulate Simon.
Since we have lots of money we should consider reducing the membership fee.
Budget: £50.00 equipment
£316.66 books/videos
£100.00 pico-con speakers
£20.00 publicity
Things we might wnat to use the money for: Widescreen TV, lower fees, tractor beam to attract freshers.
Sec's note: much discussion of membership fees ensues
Membership is to be set at a flat rate of £8, for full membership. This year there will be no seperate book/video membership.
Hopefully this will increase membership, but refundables may take an initial hit.
This years target membership is 80

Picocon Sofa's Report

Ali has attempted to contact a few authors: Steven Baxter, Suzanna Clarke, Tom Holton. He has not heard back from any yet.
Vicky to prod Ben very hard.
Ali and Kath to push Ben in right direction.
There is a possibility that the union building could be being refurbished when Picocon is supposed to be taking place. Some contingency plans are being considered.

Start of Term

Freshers Fair

Stall is in the UDH
Sci-fi, Meat Soc. and Wargames are all close together. Also no urban music nearby...hurray!!
Put on stall...Darleks, Spare books/ videos, Fanzienes, Freshers Wyrmtounge, Haribo.
Meal after freshers fair, being co-ordinated by Wargames.
Daves posters are fantastic!
Need to standardise information formats on all posters.
Putting up posters is a job for more than one person.
Consider donating money to MCCR media budget so that we can use the photocopiers without guilty feelings.
Baz to talk Dave and Smithers through photocopier use.
Smithers requests more submissions for wyrm.
Review of Serenity poster = "OMG kungfu ninja WTF"
Dave: "Is there any chance a hover might see the inside of the library at some point."


Who: Us and freshers What: When: Wed 12th Oct in concert hall 10-5. Set up from 10, start by 12 leave *promptly* at 5
Need posters up around college.
What we'll have on: easy quiz, firefly playing throuhout, LAN-gaming...
Sec's note: at this point the talk turned into techno babble. This eventually passed...
Alex happy to run the quiz as he enjoys getting up on stage and making a fool of himself, why stop now?
We have to finish early so we should do something after...perhaps a trip to see Serenity.

Other Start of Term Events

Trip to Serenity - Alex excited (no really...)
Ultraviolet showing
BSFA - beard, sweater, sandals at least 2 of the three...somebody with beard and sandals, but no sweater, doesn't bear thinking about...maybe his beard could be so long it would cover himself...AHH! WOOKIE MAN!!
Sec's note: ahem...after much breaking and laughter we continue

Library Organisation

Sec's note: a domestic breaks out
Video Showings: Mondays and Thursdays. 2 episodes or 1 film. Things to show: Ultra Violet, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (new version), Star Wars alldayer, B5.
We have a list of lunchtime films (in Alex's possession) - need to ROTA them.
People need to e-mail times when they are free to be duty librarians.
We need membership cards for normal and comittiee members of the society. (Mark and Ian are sorting this out) Can we get photo's on them?
Key list might require some updating.

Any Other Buisness

Don't scare the freshers!
Less RPG conversations early on, they are hard for others to join in with.
People we would ask to avoid the library during freshers week: Baz, Steeve, Adam, Aragnathor...this is to avoid scaring the freshers...
Tuesday Magic?
Hello Simon
Simon: "There seem to be people in here"
Malc: "Who else wants a pint, I'm baking"
It might be time for new passwords for the computer system.
Worship Bob
Mock Phil

Meeting closes: 20.04