Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 03/05/05

Present: Present: Simon, Kath, Ben, Malc, Alex, Ali, Ian, Tim, Cristina, Small Tom, Viv
Apologies: The society apologises for Mital
AWOL: Karne, Mouse

Meeting opens: 1822

Chair's business

We've been given our first budget increase for five years!
We should have ~£350 for Copyright Materials, £50 for Materials and Repair, £100 Speakers, £10 publicity
Might be able to move money between categories too
Minus membership dues, this leaves a total effective subsidy of ~£450

H2G2 trip(s) - the splinter trips were more popular than the Saturday morning trip. Because it was in the morning.
But everyone who wanted to see it got to see it? Yes, we think so.
We'll need a Star Wars trip at some point. Kath volunteers to organise this.
Any other events we should be running this term? Maybe an end of year barnight. Kath again to look into it.
Maybe an end of year dinner? Decision to be deferred until after people's exams.

Treasurer's Report

This year we have 86 members.
If we get that many next year, we'll get all our money.
Thanks to Malcolm and Simon's hard work, next year we have a lower target membership and a larger budget.
This year's refundables currently stand at ~£1230.
There is no money left in the Copyright Materials budget however.
Malcolm spends a few minutes explaining Union financial procedures.
From the road trip, ~£65 was spent on books, £75 on petrol.

Librarian's Report

The library is still here and not on fire, and there are still books.
The new set of shelves still doesn't quite have all its shelves in, but it's okay, and there are things on it.
Should the library contain a giant purple snake? Most people vote 'yes'.
(There is discussion of where to put it)
Do we want to run another bookcrawl before the end of term to spend some of our refundables? Maybe.

Wyrm/Fanzine Editor's stuff

Ben's exams are over in two weeks, he'll start working again then.
There will definitely be a Fanzine this summer.
Ben has some material already; if he gets nothing else, it will be a Fanzine entirely of his work...
Alex to start spamming the list begging for things
(members' names are suggested for contributions)

Ali to start badgering Ben about Picocon authors for next year when his exams are over.
Cambridge University have close contact w/ Susannah Clarke (author of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell), we might be able to ask her to come down. NB - Susannah Clarke is nominated for Hugos.
As a point of interest, all this year's Hugo nominees are British authors.
Preparations for next year's Picocon are, broadly speaking, under control.

Hay On Wye

We bought a lot of books at super-cheap prices (30p-£1 each)
We had a good time.
We would like to do something similar again in the future.
It would be nice to have two nights away, but it's hard to find time that everyone can make without it being a Bank Holiday.
The trip is broadly to be considered a success, although this year was essentially a test run to show that such a thing could be done again.

People to be considered to be reimbursed are not to vote in the following bit:
There have been requests totalling £75 for petrol money, do we reimburse these?

Is paying for petrol money a good use of members' money?
Well, did the trip benefit the society?
We bought roughly 30 books over the weekend.
Was the trip made available to the society as a whole?
Yes, it was advertised via emails to both the main list and the committee list, although more heavily on the comm list.
How many people who went aren't committee? Six - four members, two non-members. There is some possibility the trip could be seen as a 'committee and friends' trip, rather than a society one.
For future: advertise more heavily to the list.
But we had as many people as we could possibly take!
Then also ask whether there'd be any other people willing to volunteer as drivers.
Only two people who wanted to go weren't able to this year.
Next year we might have people who could drive a minibus.
Next year's chair is mandated to organise an event fully, with full advertising to both lists, and contact with SAC.
But what if we threw a trip and everyone came?
Put a list up, and have strictly enforced first come, first served policy.
In summary, the trip wasn't run perfectly, but was a good first attempt.

A vote is taken, and it is agreed to reimburse people for petrol.


Please lock the cupboard when you leave the library.
Also, put the cash box away, even more importantly. Even if you're not leaving the library, put it away when you're done.
The library has been broken into in the past, and money has been taken, so this isn't just an idle request, it's a genuine security concern.

As regards the new committee taking over: we'll have a handover meeting later in the year.
New committee meanwhile to learn their jobs from their predecessors.
Financial responsibility forms to be signed by the end of the year by the relevant people.
These forms to be acquired from SAC (or Simon)
Simon's office is going to have an anticlockwise clock on the wall.


Praise Bob, mock Phil.

Meeting closed: 1851