Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 15/02/05

Present: Kath (Chair of Vice), Ali (Picocon Sofa), Malcolm (Treasurer), Alex (Secretary), Ian (Librarian), Ben (Fanzine/Wyrmtongue Editor), Robbie, Tim, Cristina, Steve, Karne, Mouse, Ernst
Apologies: Simon (SAC meeting), the society apologises for Mital
AWOL: Nemo

Meeting opens: 1844

Librarian's report:

We have semi-successfully acquired and even assembled a set of shelves. See them standing there.
Although there should have been more actual shelves with it.

Treasurer's Report:

71 Members, 7 Life Members - better than last year
People spending money, please let Malcolm know

So then. Picocon:


Cristina's Felix article has gone in. They're happy with it and it should be published on Thursday.
It's also gone to the newsletter for the American university. We probably won't get many from there, but it's worth a shot.
We have more of the new pamphlets to hand out, which will happen tomorrow and Friday.
Malc would appreciate help with those.
We got onto the Union email today. So both people who read it might turn up.
All publicity is good, esp Felix and leaflet drops.
What about that email list of past attendees? It's on the wiki, and will be dealt with forthwith.
On which note - committee should all look at the Wiki. Log on with site username and password.

Mass email the membership.
Email list hasn't really been updated, although people were recommended to join.
Action: Karne or Alex to update the list this evening. Note: done.
Picocon Wyrmtongue? Nearly done. Just needs the actual timetable. Action: Alex to email Ben.
It will need proofreading before the event, ie soon.

Authors, and the Panel

As of yesterday's book club meeting we have some preliminary ideas for panel questions.
Also some more specific questions for the particular authors.
Has Jakob agreed to chair the panel yet? Ali has offered him alcohol. (Perhaps foolishly.)
Jakob to be allowed the alcohol only AFTER the panel.

*time mysteriously passes, and the authors wrestling is definitely not discussed*

Do the authors know when we want them to be there? Yes, between 1000 and 1100.
People will be turning up around 0800, but it might be worth someone being there a bit early to meet the film crew.
Brian Stableford will get here on his own.
Jon Courtenay Grimwood will contact Ali on the day about how exactly he's getting here.
Gwyneth Jones hasn't answered her emails for a nearly a fortnight.
Ali is concerned.
We're still not sure of GJ's dietary requirements - although we believe she's vegetarian.

Exit Steve: 1852


We still need stuff for DoDM. Malc and Ali are going shopping tomorrow.
Forbidden Planet has tacky stuff, but they're reasonably expensive.
Hamleys is not generally cheap, but has some cheap tat.
Sledgehammer for DoDM hopefully to come from Motorclub.

The wide game has teams this year instead of houses - A Team, Team Rocket, Team America.
What about hats? Not sure. Suggestions include a Stars and Stripes hat for Team America, a Pikachu for Team Rocket, and lots of fake gold 'bling' for the A Team.
Malcolm and Ali, when shopping, should see if there is anything for 'Hats'.
Kath has a list of things and point values for the wide game - to be worked on further this week.
To include Erich von Danniken - 10 points

We'll offer team points for people who contribute dodgy merchandise for destruction.
This year instead of poker chips, we're considering hiding Magic commons around.
Vetoed by Karne. Poker chips easy to hide, easier to retrieve in the clean-up. Also, common doesn't mean valueless.
Origami instead? Possible, and we still have some left in the desk (apparently)
Bonus team points for silly games. Silly numbers of points should be awarded; e, pi, phi, i?
We'll need a whiteboard for writing points totals on.
Or we could borrow a flipchart from the union.
Dave requests a whistle for the silly games. Action: Ask Simon, he's a rugby referee
Silly games are under control.

Arrangements for computers? In DB's. Can we get power? We think so.
MAKE SURE, because if not the LAN isn't going anywhere fast.
If we're having consoles, do we have TVs? Ali has one.
We should ask STOIC. Normally £5 ea. to rent.
Can we make the LAN games be worth team points? Maybe.

The quiz. We have some questions, but would appreciate more.
Kath says she'll try to do some Discworld ones. Malcolm is doing a Buffy round. Ben still working on his.

Intrat Tiny Tom: 1909

Family Fortunes style round? Easy enough to do.
Questions like "Favourite characters", name an "X"
Needs to be thought of as soon as possible.
Questions possibly to include:

  • Name a desert planet.
  • Name a character from Lord of the Rings?
  • Name an android?
  • Name an alien food.
  • Name a superhero?
To be compiled on the day. Cristina volunteers


What are we doing about a registration form? A new one needs to be created, we haven't had a new one since Picocon 17
Action: Alex to make one. Essentially clone the old one, but be sure to have a checkbox for Filming
Stickers for teams - standard address labels with basic printing. Action: Robbie volunteered.
We need to work out who's going to be at the desk at various times to make sure someone isn't stuck with it all day.

Re-intrat Steve, intrat Small Tom: 1915

Ali to stay near the front desk when possible, and to be in contact. Phone number is on previous minutes.

Any further news from our film crew? None yet. But no news is good news.
Is Tim still the face of ICSF? Yes.
Robbie is the hand of ICSF, Ben is the left hand, Kath is the spleen.


  • Photos of guests - embarrassing to ask them for ID. Action: Mugshots of authors to be pulled from the website
  • Signs around the place so people know where stuff is
  • List of emergency phone numbers - anyone helping on the day, security, emergency services etc.
  • Who gets in free? GoHs, previous GoHs
  • RAG bucket (technically for DoDM). Action: Malc to collect from SAC this week
  • The key to the library is to live on the Front Desk, unless someone is using it at that very moment. And then it comes RIGHT THE HELL BACK. Furthermore, whoever borrows it is responsible for it until it is returned.

Intrat Simon: 1935


Daleks? A new one is being built, but can we have Norfolk repaired for Picocon? Sure.
This is the last formal meeting before Picocon. Everyone be around the library for the next few days, and talk to each other.
There is neither District nor Circle line this weekend. People have been warned of this, but it's still suboptimal.
Someone needs to buy prizes - we'll send someone to Sainsburys on the day.


Barnight on the Thursday after Picocon.
There'll also be another one with a Barrel of Beer later, when we know how much money we have.

We need to announce the date of the AGM at least a month in advance.

Meeting closed: 1941