Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 10/02/05

Present - Ali (Picocon Sofa), Ben (Wyrm/Fanzine Ed.), Malc (Treasurer), Alex (Sec.), Robbie, Tim, Duncan, Jay, Vicky, Nichola Sinclair, Levi Tidhar
Apologies - Simon (electioneering), Kath (overwork), Jake (over-bureaucracy), the society apologises for Mital
awol - Jakob (GJ's babysitter)
Meeting opened 1900

Tim not to ask Mital about his five library cards.
Meeting to attempt five minutes progress w/o an in-joke.
In reward, Ben not to be set on fire.
The best way to do this is probably just to work through the timetable one step at a time, and see what comes up.

So what's actually happening on the day?

1000 - Doors Open, not a fish duel
Can they film while setting up? Don't see why not.
What sort of time? About 0800 onwards, realistically.

1100 - Simon's speech, Gwyneth Jones, not a fish duel
Film the welcome speech? Sure.
What ID do we need? Student card for student rates.
No, we mean ID for people who've paid? Suggestions include ICSF stamp on wrist, house sticker?
Houses? We'll explain that later.
GJ's talk is on "Insanity". Her own, or someone else's?
What's the arrangement with authors? Do they just meet and greet? Babysitters act as chaperones throughout the day and introduce the authors' talks.

1200 - Lunch, Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise, not a fish duel
DoDM is explained: It's a charity auction, with Liquid Nitrogen and sledgehammers.
Tim is named as the liason officer between the filming people and ICSF.
Material for DoDM is discussed. At the moment it's looking a little short, so if we can get more, good.

1330 - John Courtenay Grimwood (Q&A only), not a fish duel
What's the normal turnout for the talks? About 40-50. For some attendees, the bar is as much of a draw.
Overall turnout normally ~100. Last year was exceptional, with ~150
Brian Stableford is bringing some of his MA students, which may bump the numbers up a little.
We'll need a "I do not wish to be filmed" option on registering for people who'd rather not be.
Person doing registration at front desk to take polaroid of such a person so that they can be pixellated out later.
We might need someone to do sketches in case they also refuse to have their pic taken!

1430 - Brian Stableford, not a fish duel

1530 - Panel, not a fish duel
Topic is to be determined by the bookclub
On a slight tangent, do we have questions for the quiz? Yes, a few, but more would be welcome, please.
We should invite Rob Grant.
*then the conversation drifted way, way off topic. More even than normal. eg:
Apparently Deanna Troi lives in north London.
Ali's friend is owed a favour by Patrick Stewart.

1630 - Silly games, not a fish duel
Just a Minute, Call my Bluff, Mornington Crescent, etc
People being witty for other people's enjoyment.

1730 -
Officially nothing is happening.
On an unrelated note, sea bass are considered medium-calibre fish.
On an equally unrelated note, ICSF doesn't have an official Champion. However, Cristina does fence Epee and Sabre for the university.

1800 - Quiz, not a fish duel

1900 - Close

2000 - Supper with the authors
Despite Ali sending out an email over a week ago, we still don't even know what the authors' dietary requirements are.
Nor do we know where we're going.

So, which traders are coming? Fantasy Centre, Porcupine Books, Playin' Games. Filming people to contact to ask permission for filming.
Can you explain the thing with the houses? They're effectively teams for an ongoing competition. Last year we had Houses Harkonnen, Gryffindor, That Jack Built.
Points can be earned for the houses by doing things through the day.
Mostly stupid things.
Last year we offered points for Tiny Tom. May do something similar this year, with the proviso that doppelgängers aren't worth any points.
Any more meetings before Picocon? Book club Monday, Committee meeting Tuesday.

So then. Filming people to turn up ~0800. Look for people in Psi/Phi t-shirts.
Sadly there are no Picocon t-shirts this year.
Ali's phone number, for those who need him, is 07708647251


Treasurer's report: We have more members than last year, hurrah!

Meeting closes 1939