Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 31/01/05

Present: Simon (Chair), Kath (Chair of Vice), Malc (Treasurer), Ali (Sofa), Ian (Librarian), Alex (Secretary), Ben (Fanzine/Wyrm editor), Steve, Tim, Cristina, Vicky, Tiny Tom, Phil
Apologies: Duncan (at RCC meeting), the society apologises for Mital
AWOL: nemo

Meeting Opens 1830

Simon's greetings to all.
Chair's business: none, so mind your own.

Treasurer's report:

£745 in refundables
66 members, 3 more to pay in - equal to last year
4 life members, 1 "donation"
Next year's budget - £600 copyright materials, £50 repair and equip, £100 speakers for Picocon, assuming no change in membership fees.
Target membership to be dropped to 75 from 100.

Enter Mouse, 1832

Books to be bought from authors at Picocon - details to be arranged.
Road trip cost? Alex - approx £25 each way.
It's a long way to Hay on Wye, longer still to Tipperary, but still not as far as it is to Kath.
Tom - if we've got this many members, how come we don't see them? They're actually library users, not regulars.
Tiny Tom should stand for something.
Ali isn't going to be Picocon sofa ever again.

Librarian's Report:

Stop leaving stuff around, especially those plastic bags.
What about the extra shelves? To be bought forwith.
Shelves to be sent to Ben's place, so that the Union don't misplace them, erroneously bill us for them, etc.

Enter Duncan, 1836

Committee elections to be sorted out as soon as possible, but organised properly after Picocon.
AGM has to happen this term - probably 1st week of March.

Road Trip:

Alex estimates petrol to cost ~£25 each way for his car.
Where are we going to stay?
Who's actually going?
Limit it to 4 per car, including the driver.
3 cars - Ian, Ben, Alex

So then. Picocon.

Recap: Picocon 22 is less than three weeks away: 19th Feb.
We have three authors: John Courtenay Grimwood [JCG], Brian Stableford [BS], Gwyneth Jones [GJ]
Three sellers: Porcupine Books, Fantasy Centre, Playin' Games
Lots of universities invited
Entry price for people from other unis? £5
Brian Stableford is bringing some of his MA students with him. Standard student price £5 for them too.
Travel expenses for the three authors - £40. JCG is walking.
Tube isn't going that weekend - emails to go out explaining alternatives.
Authors have offered books - see later.

Publicity: Ali has attended 2 Ton meets, and 2 BSFA meets, as well as leafletting. Ansible have been informed.
Something for Felix? Cristina volunteers, although it's technically Ben's job. To be done for the one before Picocon.
Email the Union, get it on the events list. - Done.
It's now on the ICSF planner too - better late than never.
Any other online presence than Ansible. Live? ULU paper? Union emails? It can be done, but it's unlikely to get much response.
Steve offers to put up posters in game shops around London. Malcolm to get posters to him.
Last major London event before Picocon this Thursday - another Ton.
Ali has given bookmarks to lots of bookshops. Murder One, IC Waterstones, etc. He has requested more.
2 weekends before Picocon arrives - replacements to be distributed each weekend.
Publicity is in hand.
Michelle offers access to a guillotine.
If there's a trip to Playin Games before Picocon, give them more flyers then maybe.

Events: Three authors to talk and do Q&A, wargames doing some stuff, silly games, LAN
UDH to hold the LAN game, booksellers, wargamers.
Discussion whether that should be split up.
Authors in DBs; also DoDM. Check where we can actually destroy stuff though.
Ed to run DoDM. Liquid Nitrogen supply is assured. Ask MechEng nicely to get things like sledgehammers.
There's a chance Ian may have access to a car for ferrying PCs.

Actual events: Silly games - Dave Clements to compere, Malc has tube map and some questions left over.
Capture the hat? Oh yes. Pirate hat from Alex, helmet from Steve, hat of shame likewise.
Like last year, points mean prizes.
We might need another meeting to finalise the games.
MT Soc aren't actually using the theater - they have shows on Friday and Monday nights.
Any chance we can give them some kind of badges to ID them so we don't try to charge them by mistake?
Need people to sit on the front desk and take monies.
Do we need Union stewards? No.

Authors? JCG wants to do just a Q&A
GJ to talk for 15-20 minutes on Insanity
BS to give a talk on "The Myth of the Space Age"
We need questions prepared for all of them. Especially for GJ. Doubly especially we need to make Adam not be there.
We'd quite like not to offend authors, and Adam really would.
Other famous attendee this year: Mark Roberts
Have we asked them whether they're willing to participate in the panel discussion? We think so, but let's make sure.
Is there a common topic on which the panel can be held? *mumble, not really*
Everyone please read a book for the book club so we have something to talk about.
Book club is convening in two weeks time.
Kath to chair the panel discussion based on what's mentioned in the book club.
Babysitters to chair the Q&A sessions and interviews - they're in the best position to do so.
Ask Jakob for ideas at the least; he might also do some other interviewing, but unfair to impose on him too heavily.

Actual events on the day:

  • 3x Authors
  • DoDM
  • Silly Games
  • Wide Game (capture the hat/scavenger hunt)
  • Quiz - please send Alex some questions! Ben's doing a quotes round, Baz to do B5, etc

Do the quiz in DBs - hopefully easy access to sound systems?
Why computers, booksellers upstairs, and not in DBs, everything else upstairs? Less stuff to carry up stairs.
Tables? Power? Surmountable obstacles.
Enough chairs? Can we borrow from the cinema? Probably, with MT Soc's consent.
Okay, so computers, booksellers etc in DBs, talks etc in the UDH.
People need to come in nice and early on the Saturday and carry stuff around. 8am?

Offers of copies of GJ's Philip K. Dick-award nominated book, only so far available in the US.
BS has pointed us at his publishers; he has three books coming out which'll be about two weeks out by Picocon.
JCG has no new books out; paperback edition of Stamping Butterflies only just out around then, possibly not ready.
Babysitters should plug an author's book when introducing them.

Damage control email to main list re: GJ's awards? Don't focus too much on that, just Picocon = good.
Bookclub page has links to short stories.
Wiki has a list of past attendees.

Publicity, on the whole, has been going well. People who've been in the past say they will come again this year.
Because we got in early this year, nobody's double-booked.

Timetable to be decided, considering hour-long slots.
GJ, BS, JCG, Panel, DoDM (over lunch), Silly Games, Quiz
Materials for DoDM? Darth Tater, Mysteries of the Gods, etc. Steve offers a pikachu.
But deliberately traumatising little children is bad, mkay.
We need things from our time. But everything from our time was fairly cool.
However, Wily Kit and Wily Kat were not cool.
Ask the shop assistants in Forbidden Planet. *FOR CHARITY* and we're students, and its FOR CHARITY...
Oh, and Jar Jar, and maybe Zoidberg. Also Harry Potter merchandise, some of the bad LotR merchandise.
Alternate authors and not-authors. Silly games to go last, before the quiz.

Right. The Timetable.

1000 - Doors open, not a fish duel
1100 - Simon's welcome speech, GJ, not a fish duel
1200 - Lunch, DoDM, not a fish duel
1330 - JCG, not a fish duel
1430 - BS, not a fish duel
1530 - Panel, not a fish duel
1630 - Silly Games, not a fish duel
1730 -
1800 - Quiz, not a fish duel
1900 - Close, not a fish duel

After that - dinner for authors. Ask authors for preferences, dietary requirements.
Speakers' budget to go toward babysitters' meals too.
Refreshments - Da Vincis will be open from noon. Not doing food, as the union can be awkward about that.
Wyrmtongue - a whole Wyrm, and a handout sheet with info for the day.
Last year we forgot to print things for the reception desk, eg sheet saying what the prices are.
Ali and Simon are in control. One of them outside any talk to keep control of the rest of the con.
Malc to ensure the cashbag from Dave Parry, access to the union safe in the bar.

We need to fix Norfolk. He's not very well. Tiny Tom to be "Repairer in Chief of Daleks".
Bring back Dalek racing for 2006? Steve had something similar at Geekon, ask him.
Dalek wars? Dalek jousting? Inflatable daleks? DoDM...
Appoint a Dalek Racing Officer at the AGM for next year.
Ali apologises for being snappy recently, he's very stressed.

*time passes*


Baz loses.
Praise Bob and mock Phil.
We pre-emptively apologise for Mital for the next meeting too.
Remember the Ton on Thursday.
Simon apologises for not existing for the coming 72 hours - labs.
Malc repeats a plea for minions to help cut up bookmarks.
We'd quite like there to be less violence in the library. We're trying not to point fingers...
SciFi film thing? Phil has seen flyers. Ali to post a link to the list.


Meeting closed 1946