Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 10/01/05

Present: Kath (Vice), Malc (Treasurer), Ben (Wyrm), Ali (Picocon), Alex (Sec), Ian (Librarian), Tiny Tom, Duncan, Karne, Mouse, Adam
Apologies: nemo
AWOL: Simon, the Society apologises for Mital
Meeting Opens 1845

Minutes of the last committee meeting are on the website as ever. All seem satisfied with this arrangement.

Treasurer's Report:

We have 63 standard members, 4 life members, 4 more in cash box to be paid in
This gives us £15-20 more available on books/copyright, up to approx £100 if we reach full membership
£720 remains in refundables
Malc and Simon to start work on budget for next year
Malc, Simon and Ali to work on Picocon budget

Picocon Sofa's Report:

Picocon 22, 19th Feb 2005


All three authors contacted

  • John Courtenay Grimwood doesn't want to do a talk, only Q&A; Jakob Whitfield has volunteered to babysit
  • Gwyneth Jones to do short talk on "Insanity", also Q&A; chair for Q&A/babysitter needed
  • Brian Stableford has a topic: The Myth of the Space Age, also needs babysitter
Pre-prepared questions needed to prevent blank looks and silence in Q&A sessions
Photos of Authors for front desk?
Andrew Peregrine (Eden Studios RPG author) coming, running a game? Wargames to deal with him, not really ICSF's domain.
Playin' Games, Porcupine Books, Fantasy Centre all confirmed
Parking for authors and booksellers? TO be worked on. Red tape is thick, so beware.
Durham, Cambridge both signed up, yet to hear from Oxford, Exeter, Manchester, Birmingham, Aberystwith. Also to try ULU and Bath. Nottingham have a dearth of contact info.
Ali away for three days this month but should be a serious issue
What do babysitters actually need to do? Look after, talk to, be in position of having read the author's books. Possibly chair the author's talks/Q&A.
Kath volunteers to be a babysitter. Who else? Baz maybe?
(Copied forward from last year's minutes): Babysitters not to call their authors 'bitch', to be attentive and polite.


Alex to compile quiz. People to write questions, please.
Material for DoDM? Probably nearer the time, but if we see anything awful and cheap, buy it
Capture the Hat, etc? Successful last year, so yes please. Baz apparently has volunteered.
Someone to talk to Dave Clements about silly games (Just a Minute, Mornington Crescent, etc) Call My Bluff suggested, but we're not sure about that. Beware authors with large vocabularies. Be prepared to kill CMB if it looks like it's dragging.
Ian requests computers of any good for the LAN. Ben volunteers his box, Tom laments his lack of decent graphics card. Duncan volunteers.
We can get more computers depends on transport. Several from Brixton, Stockwell, the Fulham flat. Any chance we could use Lorna's car? Maybe if we ask her politely.
What are we going to run? UT2k4. Probably not RTS. Not Doom3, too system intensive. Tribes needs too many ppl.
Consoles? N64 w/ Goldeneye suggested
Are we doing anything with ICU cinema this year? No.
Do we actually have access to the theater in the daytime? No.
RAG bucket for DoDM? To be acquired nearer the time.
LN2 available for DoDM.
Dinner for Authors? After Picocon, to be arranged.
Grand Finale to be the quiz, not sure what time that will be.

Exit Adam, 1900


Picocon prices? As last year: £7 normal, £5 concessions, £3 ICSF/other SciFi clubs' members. Join on the day, get the cheaper entry.
Only one 'Ton, one BSFA meeting each left before Picocon.
Next BSFA meeting soon (26th Jan), we just missed a Ton
Next Ton meet on 4th Feb
Leaflets? Talk to Foyles, Charing X Rd. about printing
We'll need to start putting together publicity for around college.
Waterstones will help by handing out leaflets, also The Fantasy Centre.
Once we have more concrete ideas we'll ask the filming people in, but we're still in vague planning as yet.
Do we get money from these filming people? Probably not, just publicity and prestige.
Need posters for walkway. Any particular imagery/theme? Not really, mention awards won by authors.
Humorous/straight? A balance, if we can.
Publicity officer? We have a dearth of keen freshers.
Email to the main list, explaining what Picocon is/means etc
Anything written for Wyrmtongue we can use? TBH, no. If nothing else, C&P the one from last year.
Any online message boards or similar that we can advertise on? Ansible is probably the best, we've already written something there. Eemeli posted to alt.fan.sf last year; to be contacted about doing that.
Is Eemeli coming this year? Unlikely.


We need an intermediate policy - not DVD only, nor video only
Probably still approx 80%-20% video to DVD
Maybe ask Union for change-over budget
DVDs great for getting whole series at a time
Need hard-and-fast rules for use, loan
Membership to be kept as book only/full
Database will need new DVD category. Easy enough to implement.
Copies? They're legal. Hand out copies over masters.
We can't realistically stop other people copying DVDs away from here, but we will attempt to discourage it as strongly as possible. But absolutely can't have that being done here. Password protection on Kookaburra's software?
For the time being, buy DVDs but don't loan them.
What happens when we get damaged discs returned? Have a replacement budget? Maybe, shouldn't happen too often. Fines? Historically tried, but difficult under union financial structures.


Michelle volunteers to arrange an automated script to send the events list to the committee list.
Bookclub meeting next Monday evening.
Barnight? Next Thursday.
Road Trip - Still on, probably early in the Easter Hols. Ali wouldn't feel totally comfortable driving the minibus; however we still have three or four drivers.
Shelves - not yet ordered. What inscriptions do people want on their shelves? Formal request for these to go out.
New Video/DVD player needed as a matter of increasing urgency, but maybe wait until after Picocon when we'll know how much money we have.
Norfolk's head needs to be repaired. Also we need to sort out that corner, also under/behind the sofas.
We finally have a new bin!
Ben's still finishing up Wyrm. Ali to write a Picocon blurb.
We seem to have a video on loan from Anime Soc. Should we give it back? Probably.

Meeting closed 19.43