Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 06/12/04

Present - Simon (Chair), Kath (Vice), Malcolm (Treasurer), Ben (Wyrm ed), Ali (Picocon sofa), Alex (Sec), Tiny Tom
Apologies - Ian (Librarian - at RCC meeting); Simon apologises for Mital
awol - Shuri (Librarian)
Meeting opened 1810

We officially apologise that this meeting didn't happen at the advertised time of 1830. However, Simon had to run off for 1900, and Malc at 1830, so we decided to push it forward.

Treasurer's Report

  • 59 members, +4 more to paid in, 3 non-standard members, +1 from whom we need a form.
  • We spent £130 on bookcrawl.
  • £120 left to spend from copyright materials budget, but only really £25 available until membership targets are reached.
  • We need to Keep trying to attract members, keep putting posters up. People always take posters down, so keep putting them back up.
  • Currently £700 in refundables, +/- £5
  • What can we spend refundables on? More or less what we want, so long as it benefits the society and not us personally. Could be investigated by the union, with severe consequences, if we were thought to be abusing it.
  • Simon says finances look good for this time of year, but we need to hang on to some money for Picocon.
  • However, we should probably start buying things.
  • What about the shelves? There's money. It's happening. Really.

ICSF Roadtrip

  • Any interest in a road trip to Hay-on-Wye this year? Last year it didn't happen; this year it could. (Yes, lots)
  • How? Alex and Ben have cars. Alternatively we could look into car hire or minbus hire. Ali could theoretically get a minibus licence. He's over 21; also (non-vitally, but possibly usefully) he doesn't drink. Simon's over 21, but hasn't driven for ages, and also has a wibbly brain. Could an alum drive? Not really, the Union minibus training is for Union members only.
  • Minibusses aren't that uncomfortable, and it's probably only 4 hours to Hay.
  • Public transport? Horrible; also technically not a road trip, which is about half the point.
  • Let's decide cars or busses depending on how many people would want to go.
  • We fulfil the Union's requirements of a "tour". Ergo we could classify this as a tour and take money out of the Tours Budget.

Enter Ernst, 1820

Picocon Planning and related matters

  • We need to keep advertising Picocon. Let's send someone to the Christmas Ton meet, Dec 23rd. Soundings are taken as to who's actually around over Xmas. Rather few respondents, so we resolve to ask for volunteers on the list.
  • We need to make more flyers and bookmarks. A few dozen at least. They've been successful so far.
  • 2 or 3 Tons before Picocon; let's keep badgering them.
  • We really ought to do a Picocon budget ASAP.
  • £100 speakers' budget (£60 available), also parking for people, also TVs etc. Likely ~£200 or £250 total.
  • Authors this year: Gwyneth Jones, Brian Stableford, John Courtenay Grimwood.
  • People ought to read some of their books!
  • How come we're not showing a film this year? Musical Theater Soc. has the concert hall. Also, no very good big films out at an appropriate time.

Enter Mouse, 1826

  • We need babysitters for the authors. What does it entail? Walking around with the author, taking care of them, talking to them.
  • We need a main speaker as well, to link the other talks together. Last year Dave had to improv most of it.
  • Topics for speakers? Any commonality in their works? Not really.
  • We could ask them what they want to talk about. Or if there's anything that they particularly want to avoid. Generally we try not to ram things authors throats. Except lunch. But an over-arching theme would be nice.
  • Let's keep organising things via the list. There are lots of people not here tonight who might volunteer.
  • We still need a publicity officer. In the meanwhile, Michelle might be able to produce posters; the committee all to help out putting them up, whether personally or by delegation.
  • We really need a publicity officer. Tiny Tom doesn't really want to, but he doesn't have any other position...
  • We're going to keep prodding him for a while.
  • We even offered him power; still he refused.

Any last questions for Malcolm before he has to leave?

  • Do we have enough money for a barrel of beer for a barnight? Yes.
  • How much does a shelf cost? Malc to ask Iain and Shuri this evening. Malc advised to prod Iain carefully and sensitively to get the desired results.

Exit Malc, 1835

Wyrmtongue and Fanzine Stuff

  • Ben has enough stuff for Wyrm.
  • Ben also to type up the quotes list.
  • Simon to write a story, using content only from the quotes list, for the fanzine.
  • When will the fanzine be out? Any chance of getting it for Picocon? That would be great, but it's a little unlikely, if we're honest. There would need to be a serious campaign of hitting people.
  • Reminder - Picocon is the 19th of Feb.
  • A crazy suggestion is that we skip the summer fanzine, and make a really good one for NEXT Picocon. We could even try to sell copies... Michelle says that doesn't work. We're only really able to give the things away.
  • People have most time to write over the summer.
  • We don't even need that much. Last time there were only 4-5 things; admittedly that's not a huge lot, but it was better than nothing.
  • We're not super-optimistic, but we might just be able to get a Picocon fanzine out; Ben to give it thought before the end of term.

Other Business, including Planned Events

  • Norfolk needs repairing. "Norfolk Repair Fund" at Picocon, with one of those thermometer thingies. Any proceeds exceeding the repair cost of Norfolk to be donated to RAG.
  • Book of the Month went quite well. Not enough people were there though. For next time we're doing Engineering in SciFi, come along! There's a poll on the website as to which books to read. Come along, there'll be biscuits!
  • Return of the King: Extended Edition out on 14th Decemer. Showing on 17th or 18th? Poll on website.
  • Multiple locations? We're not going to want to have more than about 10 in the library... Ali volunteers his flat if needed, as does Alex
  • Maybe it should be next term, because it might be an idea if people aren't all seeing it for the first time together. People will talk through some bits of it. Yes Simon, we do mean the "bouncing on the bed" bit.
  • OTOH, it could equally be this term, because there won't be any more work after it, just Christmas.
  • Spam the committee list, voting poll on the website.
  • Various discussion as to which version people are getting. Is there going to be a collection of all the Extended Editions? Oh yes. Will it come with the bonus stuff (Argonath, Gollum, Minas Tirith) or its own bonus stuff or nothing? Who knows.
  • Bar night next term? A few weeks into term, but not too close to Picocon.
  • How to organise? Bureaucratic ping pong between the bar and Union offices.
  • Try to make sure that outsiders don't steal our beer! Beware the perfidious ACC... OTOH, could run it as a membership-garnering event.
  • Last time the beer ran out because Robbie drank 10 pints.
  • Cinema trips at some point because there are films coming out at last.

Enter Iain, 1854

Simon realises the time, and passes control of the meeting to Kath.

Exit Simon, 1855

Any Other Any Other Business?

  • So, Iain, any librarian stuff? No.
  • What about the shelves? Erm, yes. To be investigated by the denizens of the Hammersmith house.
  • Where are the bookcrawl books? Mostly on the shelves. Not all of them made it onto the "New Books" shelf.
  • People should read more of the books by authors coming to Picocon.
  • Anything else? Yes. (But it's mostly stuff for the request list, and is pretty much unimportant to these minutes.)

Meeting closes 1858