Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 01/11/04

Present - Simon (chair), Kath (vice), Malcolm (treasurer), Ben (fanzine/wyrm ed), Ian (librarian), Shuri (librarian), Ali (Picocon sofa), Alex (sec), Tiny Tom, Robbie, Baz, Mouse, Tim
Apologies - the society apologises for Mital
awol - nemo
Meeting opened 1810

Simon apologises for lack of agenda. NB Not lack of "a gender"
Minutes are available on the website as ever; they are duly approved.

Chair's Report

No business

Treasurer's Report

47 paid in members, 9 to be paid in tomorrow. We're doing well for this time of year.
We have £620 +/-£50 in refundables
Treasurer has received no receipts yet; they would be appreciated
Ben has donated "Ninja" and "Mysteries of the Gods"; he receives a vote of thanks for the former, and of censure for the latter.

Librarians' Report

Ian not buying things just yet due to lack of money and need to buy a shelf. Now we have money and people pledging to sponsor the shelf
The bookcrawl is this Saturday, stuff will be bought then
We're going to meet at South Ken station at 12:00
There will be further buying later in the year if appropriate (monetarily and in terms of demand)
Money for bookshelf to go to Shuri, who is then to invoice the Union later
Shelves to be delivered to Ben's house as he lives nearby, lots of people have volunteered to help carry it
People to help assemble shelves. Alex foolishly says "How hard can it be?" Alex to take blame if they fall apart
Ben to type up the the quote list
Shuri requests that we clean up the library; in response, we'd like a bigger bin
Duty librarian rota to be printed off - Ian volunteers
We shouldn't stay in the library overnight on pain of spanking, whether from Shuri or the security guard. Neither would be fun though

Events this term:

Kath to organise barnight once coursework goes away
LotR to be viewed once RotK:extended comes out
Start a voting poll for christmas dinner - need options for both time and place
Are any cinema trips planned? Nothing much coming out at the moment by way of SciFi, but National Film Theatre showing lots of horror films, also Imax showing LotR although only weedy cinematic versions

Picocon 22:

Porcupine Books and Fantasy Centre both agreed to come; talk to Playing Games. They did well last year though.
Authors are coming; need to finally decide re: Stephen Baxter's train fare
Need to notify various lists, Publicity, in time for the Ton
Other stuff (eg silly games) to be arranged nearer the time

[Enter Dave Clements at 1831]

Ton meet 1st Thursday of December; a representative really should go to that
Also this Thursday at the Florence Nightingale; a representative really should go to that too
Robby to organise since Dave is out of the country
Possible Picocon slogan: "More Famous People Per Cubic Inch Than Worldcon" - technically true (the best kind of true)
Less Futurama quotes! Fewer! Less! Fewer! etc - Sec reserves right to curtail debates on grounds of tedium
Tiny Tom to print out the flyer thingy, with dates (19th Feb), places, times
Bookmarks a great success last year since they actually are functional too
Suggestion of beermats, although this doesn't seem to be practical
Simon is not running the Picocon Quiz, but can people start writing questions/rounds please
Questions of varying beardiness allowed; we'd rather that the sources be available and the questions obscure not vice versa
Obscure questions on obscure subjects can be submitted, but please don't be offended if they don't get in
Simon to talk to MT soc about making absolutely double-sure we have the room

Other Stuff

How did Femtocon go?
-Freshers seemed to like it
-SNAFU w/ tables, but we survived

When Ben gets stuff, ie When we get a deadline
Optimistically, "Fanzine submissions?" Much laughter.
We want Robbie's NaNoWriMo novel. Not his navel.
Baz's is unpublishable. But only bad, not Gor-slash or anything.

Reading group to actually take shape when Kath's coursework goes away

AOAOB? (Any Other Any Other Business)
We need to get a new Publicity Officer - Let's get a keen fresher to do it (One of Smithers, Ed, Vicky?)
Advertise events in Union emails, Felix, Live? - Not many people read Live, but any free advertising is good
Baz knows one of the Live people - he is duly volunteered
Malc to do the budget soon
Where is Small Tom?
Monies for the shelf to Shuri