Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting 27/09/04

Present: Simon (chair), Kath (vice), Malcolm (treasurer), Shuri (librarian), Ian (librarian), Alex (secretary), Karne, Mouse, Baz, Tiny Tom and Nell, Andrew, Small Tom, Tai, Ernst, Duncan

Meeting Opened at 1854

1: Approval of previous meeting's minutes: Yes.

2: Chair's report: We now have a treasurer, hurrah. And welcome, all, to the new year.

3: Fanzine ed's report:

  • First draft exists on computer.
  • Request for PDF of fanzine, discussion of where to get it printed, payment for printing.
  • Actual content: four stories, no poetry, artwork "slightly sparse", including covers from last year's Wyrms.
  • Discussion of where to get more artwork.
  • Baz lives in Wales, not Brentford. (apparently)
  • Fanzine really needs to be done by Freshers' Fayre (ie next Tuesday).
    • Decide to print 75 copies of fanzine.
    • We're going to give away old fanzines at FF. This might free up a little space in the library.
  • Ernst should have gone to the Imperial College of Fluffy-wuffy humanities.
  • Baz wrote half of the fanzine and apologises for Simon's work.

4: Finances for next year: (given by Simon, last year's Treasurer)

  • We have finances. £250 for books and £100 speakers budget for Picocon (assuming 100 members) from the Union, £327 of refundables, and whatever we can get from the membership this year.
  • Discussion of membership rates.
    • Baz wants to charge in guineas. No!
    • Rate agreed at £7.50 for books, £10 for full.
    • Pushing up level 1 might tempt more people to get full membership.
  • Still unsure of likely cost of fanzine, maybe ~£150. This to come out of the refundables.
  • We need more shelves.
    • We'll wait until we have a little more money to do so.
    • Need to get shelves strong enough to hold lots of books - runs to approx £100. The shelves with Star Trek on them were pointed out as an example of what happens if you don't buy strong shelves.
  • Plea for receipts to be presented to the Union where appropriate.
    • Discussion of wiring up Norfolk to remind people of this automatically, although we need a new Electronic Engineer.
  • T-shirts to make money? Not certain to make lots of money, but we do want them.
    • Favoured design seems to be Psi/Phi on front, crest on back.
    • Baz to hold competition to find possible alternatives.

5: Freshers' Fayre:

  • Simon not to be present as he's going to be needed elsewhere to keep the peace between warring religious factions.
  • Wargames to be next to SciFi for simplicity due to large overlap between memberships.
  • We're likely to be somewhere in Beit; this suits us nicely as long although we'd rather not be in the Quad. We've been out there before and it's been okay, but if it rains, all the nice books get wet.
  • Baz to make up a special FF Wyrm to give out - a little bit from Committee members, and an events list. What events? We'll get to that later.
  • Malcolm to stand in the Quad during Freshers' Week with a sandwich board, "hooking them while they're young" (his words)
  • Who to man the stall?
    • Volunteers: Baz, Alex to multitask between Wargames and ICSF, Ian
    • Shuri to hide in library (where more of the free books could live).
  • Suggestions for videos for library for Freshers' Fayre:
    • Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (not technically Sci Fi)
    • Holy Grail
    • X2
    • Futurama
    • Red Dwarf
    • Blackadder (is this Sci Fi? Maybe alternate history.)
  • Manga to be hidden for duration of FF.
    • We have no manga. sigh of relief
  • Anime to be hidden for duration of FF.
  • Dodgy books (Gor, the Gas, Bumper the Kid) to be hidden for duration of first term.
    • The Gas has actually gone missing, but nobody's very sad.
    • If it is found, it's to go in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. And there it shall stay.

6: Library:

  • We need another shelf.
  • Shuri to latch onto people's legs until they give us money for one.
  • Shelves to go in front of the window.
    • Baz won't be able to climb in and out.
    • Lights will have to be on all the time, but they generally are anyway.
    • It'll be harder to see if someone's in the library. Ian to rig up a signal light linked to the main light circuit.
  • The library is cool.
  • The library should stay clear of LARP swords. And guitars.
  • Are the PCs in the corner breeding? Some of them are going soon.
  • Floorspace really ought to be cleared before the start of term, otherwise Shuri will start throwing stuff out.

7: Femtocon:

  • Provisionally booked for the second Weds of term, union booked from lunchtime onwards.
  • Wargames will be there too, but they are to try to keep a low profile - it's an ICSF day first and foremost.
    • Games to run right towards the end of the day, etc.
  • LAN game: Karne would like someone else to start picking up the weight of setting up the LAN since he is leaving. Ian volunteers.
    • Oh, and we'll need computers for that.
    • Transport for computers? Cars? Or taxis? Members with cars generally don't have them in London.
    • Consoles also good.
    • May have to run 2 different groups of games as PCs will be of varying spec.
    • Probably FPS; RTS take too long. UT2K4 and /maybe/ one other.
    • May have to borrow TVs from somewhere: STOIC, or peoples' houses.
    • Could run MAME; but slight legal grey area.
  • Quiz. Alex volunteers to compile quiz; recommends that people each write one round on a subject of personal knowledge.
    • We need prizes; Shuri volunteers to get them.
    • Set aside £40 for random munchies and prizes.
    • So what are the prizes? Chocolate! Hurrah by most except Baz. Other suggestions for prizes, however no consensus reached.

8: Events:

  • Do we want a film schedule? Possibly not, they don't make a big difference and we all like Librarians' choice anyway.
  • Possibility of themed days discussed, eg Monday: comedy. Or themed weeks: dark fantasy, pulp, whathaveyou.
    • A week might be too long.
    • We don't want to do anything too complicated
    • Maybe first two weeks fixed schedule, and then more freeform
    • Themed days requires only five themes (or four if you make one day a week librarian's choice), weekly themes requires 34
  • Evening showings very mixed; sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.
    • Only worth doing for something guaranteed to be popular.
    • The person showing the film ought to turn up themself.
    • We could watch "Special Previews" of the latest series of various shows, eg Stargate, Atlantis. Requirement to convert to format playable on DVD player.
    • Series showings are difficult; either they're things that are watched a lot, or they're too difficult to get into.
  • LotR totally extended all nighter when RotK extended comes out
    • This was always pretty much a given
    • Security will let us do it because someone up there likes LotR
  • Announcements are needed to let people know what's going on
    • An announcement board in the library
    • Events list on the website
    • Email lists
  • We need a better requests list, ie one with lines, not just people scrawling all over the place.
    • Invest in a pen to live with the request list, because felt tip isn't good. Or legible, half the time.
  • Bar nights. We like them, but need money first.
    • In the first term, but not the first month. We need to hide the truth from the freshers at first.
    • Shuri needs a pretend lover
  • Rocky Horror trip (Prince Charles theater) but not first term. Same reason.
  • Other film trips, Kath to investigate releases
  • Closer liasing with IC Cinema when relevant films are shown
    • Would be Mitul's job but he's not here
    • Karne cheers that Mitul isn't here

9: Picocon:

  • Ali isn't here.
  • Sat. 5th Feb, because that's the only day we can get the concert hall. There are possible conflicts (although Ansible doesn't list any) but there's nothing we can do.
  • Ali to ask John Courtenay Grimwood again seeing as how he didn't come this year.
  • Get Oxford, Cambridge and Durham in for the fish duel.
    • Kath or Simon to do ASAP.
    • Talk to John Kirk re: Durham.
  • Last year we didn't win. This year we want to.
    • Competitors to wear gloves, safety goggles?
    • Also, Steve Fleetwood wants to donate a Fish Fight Memorial Trophy. People to prod him and get him involved.
    • Hats, games, and houses: to be sorted out at a later date.

10: Book club:

  • Kath's baby. Where's it going?
  • Plan: have a theme, read books, meet after a month, aided by discussion on website.
    • Possible themes: Hugo novellas (available for free), retroHugos likewise, Robots, Mars, Cyberpunk, the Culture etc. as discussed many times before
    • Kath to organise, having brainstormed it via email.
  • It needs a name. Something cooler than Book Club.
    • Baz: Discussion Group?
    • Everyone: No, cooler.

11: AOB:

  • Meet again before Freshers' Fayre? Probably not.
  • Who's doing posters for Femtocon? Mouse volunteers, although everyone ought to help. Liase with Baz.
  • Kookaburra needs a new minder. Ian volunteers.
  • Website needs history; Shuri to poke Robbie.
  • Also we need people to take on the website. Andrew knows PHP and so volunteers. He now has to do a PHD as well, because we can't squander valuable skills.

No more business.

Meeting Closed at 2008. All (well, most) adjourned to the Star.