11 Febuary 2004

Present - Robbie, Karne, Mouse, Simon, Tom, Eemeli, Lorna, Richard, Ian, Tai, Duncan
Meeting opened 18:15

We did well
148 +- 2 people
forgot to find IC / non IC mix
32 +- 4 at film
have 122 people registraion info
£1310 cash made
£572 profit
(VAT, £80 RAG, £175 film)

Stuff to be bought off Amazon in copious quantities
About £1000 to spend

stuff happened well on the day

union bar had no pies! - ask them in advance for big order
can't really buy barrels of beer
need food directions page in booklet
the elevator stopped working - this was bad
headless chicken syndrom re. printing things
-prepare list of things to be printed
overprint registration forms - can reuse following year

scheduling worked

Robbies fish-fighting opponent was a "god-damned pansy"
Robbie expects to be awarded sporting colours
steve was good at refereeing
possibly need to make people sign a waiver against sueing for knocking eyes out

silly panel worked very well
useful having such flexible items to readjust timetable
jakob was brilliant

serious panel was great
Paul McCauley dominated it

silly games in gym never really happened
- schedule early event, to make it look like stuffs happening, doesn't really matter if it happen
gym needs signing, so people know stuffs happening there

interview was good

simon thought it went well
simon will not do it next year
about 20-30 questions left for next year

need people to keep things to time
need front desk rota
PA system would be nice

paycheck was success
cos it was a new film
74 people came
30 extra people came
cost us ~ £50
need a similar new film if doing it again
need to evaluate closer to the time

try to get article in felix

house system was good
points need a bit of balancing
house allocation needs randomising

had too many PCs on LAN
consoles were good

have spare dodgy merchandise for next year

- targeted advertising
little point doing anything more around college
- does keep people aware of ICSF existence
BSFA monthly meeting
Borders monthly SF meetings - organised by Pat Kadigan
leaflets did not work
£7, £5, £3
encourage people to join society

thicker peice of chalk for signs
banner needs to go up
posters outside archway
blue wooden sign to go outside archway

keen freshers must come early - bribery

bookmarks = good idea (possibly unique)
Ton love it
give bookmarks to members who come to take out books soon before picocon

need to set the date as early as possible
speak nicely to union to get super-advance booking

'con should move back towards more committee organised

Ideas for next years guests:
Invite Pratchett as usual
J C Grimwood will try to come
Dave Langford
Ken McLeod
Iain M Banks
Alastair Reynolds
Robert Rankin
Simon R Green
Diane Duane
Jasper Fforde
David Pringle
Brian Stableford

Year after
Charlie Stross

Meeting Closed 20:01