14 January 2004

Present - Robbie (chair), Karne (vice), Mouse (libr), Simon (treas), Tom (sec), Eemeli (sofa), Lorna (web), Baz (editor), Fresher Ian (observer), James S (observer)
Apologies - Shuri (libr), Richard (pub)
Meeting opened 18:05

1.0 Minutes

They're OK

1.5 Matters Arising

Tom is now fred up with Empire Direct and wants someone else to get a VCR
January Wyrm maybe pushed back to Febuary

2.0 Chair's Business

Still none

3.0 Treasurer's Report

£900 in Refundables
No copyright materials budget left
Have >60 members
Affiliation budget still needs spending
Ditto conventions budget
Will apply for Speakers budget next year as probably can be used for Picocon

4.0 Library

New Futurama!
Inventory soon

5.0 Picocon

Lost Jon C Grimwood
Gained Paul McAuley
Confirmed Paycheck
Confirmed fantasy Book Centre
Confirmed Playin' Games
No word from Porcupine

Grimwood has offered to do a reading at some other time
He is a friend of Pat Kadigan

Hamilton - Q+A. Jakob to Q; reading as well
Roberts - not said what he wants to do. Try to get him to do talk

Photos of authors needed on front desk


Try to get stuffs off stoic for the cheaps
Karne to chase PCs
Remote control Richard and Chris on hovercraft with flamethrowers attempting to set each other alight (to replace Dalek racing)

Simon needs more quiz questions


Games - House System
Robbie to chair Capture the Hat subcommittee; members - Robbie, Baz
Houses: Gryfindor, Harkonen, that Jack built
Robbie to banana a fresher with an unpeeled monkey
Possibly run Magic draft

DoDM - have some stuff now
need RAG bucket

Film to be shown @ 20.00
At least 1 Hour to be left before film commences
Dinner for authors to be done during film

Parking spaces - at least 3 required

6.0 AOB

Fanzine needs submisions

Meeting Closed 19:47