1 December 2003

Present - Robbie (chair), Karne (vice), Mouse (libr), Simon (treas), Tom (sec), Eemeli (sofa), Baz (editor), Lorna (web), Iain Watson (observer)
Apologies - Richard (pub), Shuri (libr)
Meeting opened 18:04

1.0 Minutes

Iain enquired as to why the minutes are so called. No response was given.
The minutes of the third meeting were passed.

1.5 Matters Arising

VCR - Empire Direct are being the absolute shitest company ever, with the worst customer care in the world. They have not sent a VCR.

2.0 Chair's Business

The chair had no business

3.0 Treasurer's Report

£800 in Refundables
No copyright materials budget left
Need more members (currently 56/100)
Affiliation budget needs spending
Next year's budget will soon need considering
- may not apply for Speakers budget as rarley used
- may just ask for £25 Speakers budget instead

4.0 Library

The library is Happy!
Posters needed advertising library and reading in general
We have much stuff by Picocon authors

5.0 Picocon

- Full £7
- Concession £5
- ICSF £5 (£3 off voucher available)
- Movie £3

Fantasy Centre and Dave Laley coming
Nothing heard from Porcupine
£30 to be given to Karne for DoDM
Quiz - Simon not to write all the questions

6.0 Wyrmtongue

Cover art needed - 2 Freshers can draw
Too much recommended books this time
More articles needed
Deadlines need to be announced

7.0 Documentation

Constitution and Code of Conduct approved with no changes

Risk Assesment
- delete stairs clause - from portacabin days
- change fire clause - no extinguishers in library

8.0 First Term

Duty librarians choose videos next term

9.0 Christmas Dinner

Star has 11 votes
Pierinos has 7 votes
Probably go to pierinos anyway as some people have objected to Star and it will probably be booked
Simon said nothing
Robbie said NO!

10.0 AOB


Next meeting in the first week of term

Meeting Closed 19:15