Picocon Meeting, 19th November 2003

Present - A whole lot of people, including Ulrich, who has a car. (He does you know)

waiting for Lorna, she'll show up in 5 minutes. We'll start officially soon.
Eemeli sat down again. Ate sandwich.
Ali moved out of the way.
Shuri's not coming, probably.
It's a giant christmas bauble
It's a volunteer business thang. People can turn up if they want. Eemeli fails to grasp the concept of 'volunteering'. i.e. people should do what they're damn well told.

Passing round the 1st draft/final draft (depending on Richard) bookmark. Correct name spelling of John Courtenay Grimwood! Who the hell is he? A guest of honour, that's who! An author of some description apparently. Eemeli spearheads the 'his fanclub' campaign

Lorna is here! Hooray! Somebody let her in... (Ali did)

The Royal Albert Hall's great too. And the hole for IC. (on the bookmark map)
It may be the clearest map of the area that eemeli's seen.

Lorna arrives! With coffffee!

And so it begins... nope, she's off to radio. back in a mo.

BSFA thing, good opportunity to hunt authors. Who wants to go?

We need more books by Adam Roberts. We got one, there are three. Grimwood we have pretty well covered.

Same song, verse two, and here we go...

We don't need quorum. Everybody shut up about it. There's one free beanbag...? Lorna will loiter.

John Courtenay Grimwood? Anyone except Eemeli read him? Karne intends to. kinda cyberpunk fun. Random, but flows well.

Hamilton - Who's read? Noone. Karne nearly read one once. Started with SF, post-apocalyptic england --> Space opera, known for Night's Dawn. Big action, ends up with deus ex machina. Then he wrote other stuff (that thing that was advertised on the tube). His science is really wavy.

Adam Roberts is interesting, different, he's actually an english lit reader (at a uni, not a library). His books tend to be based on concepts, scientific, based on theory. 90 degree shift in gravity etc. Er, yeah ,right. less crack for Roberts please. Jeff Minter! Llamas!

Shuri arrives. Shock horror *and* amazement.

Going more for sf edge here. theme-wise, one idea was alternative history stoof. Fallen Dragon (PFH) is a loopy thing. Speculative Fiction (this is just a poncy name for sf you know...) as a heavy theme. Grimwood - his last trilogy had Germany win WW1. Easy to do Roman stuff, etc. SPQR etc. Silly shit like that can work well. Doesn't fit the film.

Paycheck - about reverse engineering, secret projects, mind wiped, leaves clues. Ben Affleck & John Woo.????? WTF?
Concept sounds cool. But... the Ben Affleck will taint and destroy the John Woo...

Donuts are dangerous.

Themes are a lot of work. More for event than actually... yeah but still lot of work.
PFH on AR's jacket blurb. They're mates (or on the same printers' list for 'people to ask for jacket blurbs'). Common panel topic easier if we collaborate with all 3. If they think of a topic, yay! Someone other than authors on a panel. Good to have a non-author fan on panel.

What are we going to do different. Complaints last year, 'same-old'. More parallel events. More interesting events than panel. Wide game?

Name badges for wide game - names of fantasy/sf characters on backs? Early round of the quiz throughout the day. Something running throughout the day as well as the straight off quiz. Q sheets at beginning. Give answers to the authors and booksellers (let the plebs pester them something rotten).

Can we do a bizarre panel-alternative event. Balloon debate? Been done before.
Everybody on panel is either themselves or a random character and they hve to argue as to why they don't get thrown out of the hot air balloon. 'justify your existence'. I for one am taking minutes, so I'm safe. Don't know about the rest of this lot.
Radio 4 comedy games. Mornington Crescent alternative? Hee... Other R4. Just a Minute? SciFi Just a Minute, Call My Bluff. Not for a whole hour. Neverending story - continuing story things. Work better as sub-events. 1/2 hour panel, then 1/2 hour JaM/CMB. Improvisational stuff? MC! Whose line is it anyway? (This is, like, hard)

Quiz them heavily about their own works? That could be interesting. Nitpicking questions about each others' work?

Need highlight list for each author. Highlight best book by each one to prioritise commtitee reading.

Buzzer systems? Beg? Borrow (STOIC)? Steal? We can make one. There are contingencies. Chris, Andy(s) etc. No catching fire.

If there's a working hovercraft... It's not an indoor machine.

Gaming - intro sessions Ulrich and etc. Large Tom? Nooooooo. Someone would have to talk to him.

PFH has requested that he be interviewed, rather than give a talk. Shuri not to interview him. JCG would be happy to do Q&A or Reading. Shuri has obsessions which are not at all related to the con. AR hopefully will do a talk. Need interesting questions for PFH and JCG. Bob not to ask questions, they'll start "you fucker, why did you...".

Dave Lally. He will help organise summat in dB's. Projector is in DJ booth. We can ask for this.

What rooms are we using: UCH, UDH, otherwise not decided... Have booked UDH, UCH, Gym, dB's. dB's is good for videos and stalls. Some background noise, but ok. LAN in UDH. Try not to split con between more floors than we have to.

Tai arrives. Ali goes.

We spread out too much in the past, it had bad results.

Also have table tennis rooms (too far away). Cloakroom upstairs? At own risk.

Chris probably has giant Jenga.

Fire juggling? Jugglers not too enthusiastic. THey're not sure why they're there.

Iain arrived. Hid.

Don't want people to leave union, so jugglers bad idea. Jugglers unenthusiastic and don't turn up, so not worth it. Jugglers not worth it.

Pretend a character, guess who they are? People need to be god for that to work. (What am I talking about here? Is this a wide game? It might be)

Picocon notoriously short of people who are there, but not drunk and not busy.

Need 3 author minders + panel moderator + LAN minder + Front Desk.


Varsity Fish Fight? Not new. Whatever... May do it. (I'll kill them I will, honour will be satisfied)

Hat??? Carrying a hat??? What is Baz on? Baz to be taken off crack. Hat big. Hold on. Can't see. Aaaaaagh. Whaaat?


Cheese & Wine. That's new. Providing lunch. Doing our own food is ifffy. Look this up! Regs may not matter. Will ask union. Michelle suggested we get catering to make sandwiches for us to sell on day. Karne not want to get into food. (I suggest this may be unhygienic) Food not to be sold. Extra is good. Bar have Pie. Mmm pie. £30 of random nibbles. PIE!

Many posters. This has been done. Ah well. More? More! Mooooore! Not allowed to cover other posters that're up. Nobody will compain we suppose. More work! Banners! Bedsheets + Poster Paints. (This refers to on-the-day signage in the union)

Stupid Costumes? Baz! Hooray! Maaaybe.
Baz incompetent. Shuri fashion coordinator.

Gave Tom a talking to about minutes. MOOOORE! This is how they're meant to be done. (See here, like this)

Home made borg mask - Richard.

K needs budget. Red K needs budget badly. For DoDM! £30 ish? Dodgy merchandise. The dog was great. Forbidden Planet have closing in March. Get stoof after Xmas. Need more merchandise.

Back to the ongoing quiz? Give all people one answer? Then they'd talk (or torture it out of each other)...
Physical wide games better. Urban letterboxing/scavenger hunt round union? Capture the something. scavenger hunt! Scavenger Huuuunt! Capture teh b33r. 20% uptake on widegame. Others l4m3rz. Who play? Non predictabubble. Ah well. Who collects, wins.

Do something cool! Rock. Urban letterboxing - 6 paces east, 2 paces north. Silly directions/clues. Treasure Hunt. With Anneka Rice. Not me. I didn't do it. Bit iffy on the "I've got the clue".

Panels again? Where'd they come from... eeeep. 2? 3? 3 too many. Authors may want to be on same one. Hmmm. Naughty authors. No biscuit. Alternative panel. Just a Minute. I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. MC like Pimp.

Kill the cow with our bare hands. Hard, and has sense of accomplishment. Really great. We have no cow. Man, we suck.

We want authors in the morning? We want authors in the fall... Not a chance. Authors don't like mornings (Join the fecking club!).

Random games.. Baz spake thusly: have one where people have to answer questions using nothing but scifi film titles. Make them talk for a certain amount of time in only quotes/paraphrases. Need a host who can manage the time and carry it off. Jakob? (The omni-dude)

Jakob volunteered for everything. He's not here, it's his problem. He will be king of panels, quizzes and alls orts of thngs. Cosmic Ferret good for formal chairing. Jakob and DC double-act... (Now we're talking Double Teeeeeaam... Images! noooo... I wish I hadn't thought of that now).

Split room in half and discuss(have slanging match) about shit. Cool. CLUE BATS!

Cloning people for fun and or profit and/or target practice.

Involve all people in the room. Polarised SF issue. Yo momma so fat contest.

AI's - Threat or Saviour? Jonny Moronic.

Serious subject for this type of thang.

Baz rants.
Keep it 'til picocon. Seriously, no crack for baz.

Team wide game. Green Drazi/Purple Drazi. Volunteers for body clearout? Noooo airlock.

Iain has cow obsession.

Tag tag tag? whaat? Eeemeli suggests complex thing. What was it? Consigned to the ashes of history it is, unless he kept that flipchart.

Lucky Dip Choosing. Use name badges. Social/Library different badges. Tie it in to everything? Points to your team for call my bluff. What's the game? All the other games accumulate points for your team. House Harkonnen vs House Griffindor. House of Mogh. House of Bloody Complicated Game with Administrative Overhead From Hell.

Don't kill the sofa. Whatever it is, stop it. Shuri will bite Tai's donut.

Could I action shuri to get own donut? No. I can't be arsed. I don't like using Action as a verb anyways.

Reasonable no. of silly games. Hurrah. Always have 2x stuff we need. Don't cross the streams. Bg events. bar bar bar bar bar bar beeeer! Games things. Pot Cascade. I'm looking forward to this one, and anything else which involves me drinking on the day, so I can use horizontality as an excuse to do SFA. Better make sure nobody finds out about my cunning scheme.

Mornington Crescent demos. Pics of pub signs? Ask billy for more from pub crawl. Street signs.

Ask people to take random photos. More photos.
So it is written, so shall it be done.
Tom can photo with DVcam.

Billy has a plan in his head. Monkeys! Find the tribble. Cthulhusss! Find the cthulhus.
Don't find the cthulhu game. If you see him, you go mad.
Easy to cheat at this. Aiming games a little low.

Tai is being mad. Make him stop. He's mad, Ted. Aaah.

Console games. Halo 2? Noooo. ROTK on XBox.

Gandalf's a Maiar. DDR... No no no no. Please no. :)


You don't want to know.
About what?
I don't know.

Car. Drive Car. Grovel. Offer things. Need transport things.
Who should eemeli grovel to? Lorna. Ulrich has a car.

CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR. Listen to this, HE HAS A CAR.
Tim has a car. But he's not here, so I haven't shouted about it, and anyway, Ulrich is subtle and needs clearer labeling.

Tai wants a car now. Sex seems to be involved. Lorna wanted sex too it seems. Tom not to drive. Horses? AAAAahhh. No more. Stop. Cease.

Tom is alame driver. He has failed his test 3 times. Has hit the test center and a horse. This isn't relevant, it's just funny.

Bookmarks! Slide on STOIC card advert thang. Wargames in silly costumes. No costumes for Flyers. Noo. We're after randoms. Paycheck. Advertise the film separately. And PFH. Direct seb's enthusiasm toward PHysoc ad thingies. Costumes not great plan.

Film to be advertised separately. PFH separately too? (and so goes the never-ending cycle of repetitive discussion) Each author sold separately. Posters to be more of 'PFH Talk at Picicon' than 'Picocon with PFH' Different ad campaigns for different items. All on A4, twice as many posters. Higher visibility. A4 fine.

A long time ago, there was a poster with Norofolk on, A3 b&w photo. Didn't look sparse.
Actually a picture. I've read it now, onoo. Poster with writing better for A4.
In sneaky places.
A3 is an ad, A4 is an announcement. A4 for PFH & Paycheck. A3 for other. Misspent Youth publicity material? Publishers.

Voyager and Jane Johnson not probably turning up.

Silence... broken by Richard.

He'll do Flyers to leave at union. Also noticeboard in library(central) near fiction section. What happened to the Haldane?

Richard talk to library about putting icsf stuff in the fiction sec of the central-lib? Remind him when he gets back from suisse.

Felix: book reviews and then publicity for picocon early. Write reviews of these guys' books for the 3 weeks or so before. We want ads and a feature article from them.

Alex McLintock may be able to provide reviews. He's helpful except when Grrrr(Lorna). We don't want to know. I for one am curious, but too afraid to ask.

Bookmarks are good for the ton. More info sheet good. Need blurbs on website about authors, with photos if possible. Lorna may be able to do something for the site.

Flyers too with more info. Professional and easy to do.

Bob doing something for url? redirects, whatever. We have a frameset link for it sofar.

Want to keep things integrated to icsf, not separated on a separate site thing.

Topics for more serious panel discussion? Can come up with this later?

People were taliking, but i am eating a donut. Whatever.

No coil guns.

What about evil overlord? Have copy to edit. Alia not doing anything.
Baz busy. Edit suites crappy. etc. not by picocon. It's been longer in post-prod than Return of the King.

Baz doesn't know what DVD. I kill him.

Meeting's over.

Has Tai showered recently? he's a malingering sofa-inhabiter.

K: Meeting monday. (This never happened, small tom has been deputised to ensure a meeting occurs soon.

Bitchy bitchy moan moan. bitch rant moan. bitch bitch. moan moan. rant. rant.
Moany Ranty Whinge!
(I hear words, they are of no interest to me, so not minuting them)