6 November 2003

Present - Robbie (chair), Karne (vice), Mouse (libr), Simon (treas), Tom (sec)(late), Eemeli (sofa)
Apologies - Lorna (web), Shuri (libr)
Meeting opened 18:33

1.0 Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting passed with no objections

1.5 Matters Arising

Everything happened
Tom to be more verbose

2.0 Chair's Business

The chair had no business

3.0 Treasurer's Report

We got 60 members of which 56 are real
We got £1230 in refundables
Something about £130 here, but the chair was taking minutes at this point and I can't read what he wrote
I think it might mean Copyright Materials
Simon says spend money
Tom arrived and took over minute taking
Stuff to buy - VCR; Tom will get this

4.0 Library

When checking out books, check the databse notes for the member
Don't let people check out books if they haven't given Union Card number

We have more books!

The dark is rising is over there

5.0 Picocon

Union provisionaly booked for 7 Feb
Eemeli not to do what the union tell him
Concert hall booked seperatley
Jo sent Eemeli many details but in MS Outlook format which he can't read yet
Film - Paycheck, Kill Bill 2 preview (not gonna happen), ROTK (unavailable 'till Apr), Revolutions (union showng a few weeks before)
Unless we can get something cheap or a big new film, possibly not having one

Picocon pre-pre-planning meeting to be scheduled
Start publicising once guests confirmed
Possible GoHs - Peter F Hamilton, John C Grimwood
Also to be asked - Jane Johnson and M John Harrison (together make Gabriel King)

That's enough Cthulhus

There was a book fair last month that Picocon organisers should try to go to in future years
Ticket prices need deciding (last year £8, £5, £2)
£8 is too high
Voucher in Felix is a good idea
Presell tickets in Library

Other contacts - Dave Laley (owner of obscure videos), Dave Clements, check database of doom
Eemeli to go to other cons using society budget
Robbie wants to go too
Simon said absolutley nothing at this point

5.5 Robbie's Novel

This was a last minute addition to the agenda inserted due to popular demand
Robbie was unwilling to discus his novel

6.0 AOB

Content needed for Wyrm
Every committee member to submit a short book review
Baz to look at shrinking the margins in Wyrm
Competition - more generic picture needed
Society advertising - stoic £5/slide/week, poster in Haldane Collection
Mind altering drugs in tranquilizer guns

Simon left 19:49

Meeting Closed 19:53