4 October 2003

Present - Robbie (chair), Karne (vice), Mouse (libr), Simon (treas), Tom (sec), Lorna (web), Eemeli (sofa), Shuri (libr)
Apologies - none
awol - Baz (editor), Richard (pub)
Meeting opened 14.55

1. Freshers

Leaflets - Basic Info, URL, Waterstones discount - Robbie to do
Membership cards, sign up sheets, new membership forms - Tom to do
Banners, posters - Someone to do

Library video - LoTR

People to man the stall and library - Robbie, Shuri, (Simon, Lorna, Karne, Mouse - sometimes)

2. AOB

Committee to update website bios
Simon to write a guide for taking peoples membership money
Duty librarian schedule up after first week

Meeting Closed 15:23