11 September 2003

Present - Robbie (chair), Karne (vice), Mouse(libr), Simon (treas), Tom (sec), Baz (editor), Lorna (web)
apologies (or at least decent excuse): Richard (pub)
awol - Eemeli (sofa), Shuri (libr)
Meeting opened 18:47

1. Minutes
Nobody had a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting

2. Freshers' Fair
Tues 7 Oct - we presume
Our stall may have to be on the college site rather than at the union as we had hoped.
We have a large number of spare books that can be given away
We will need enough people to cover both the stall and the library
These people most be bouncy, welcoming etc
Also needed: sign up sheets, info leaflets, posters, fanzine, freshers' wyrmtongue

2.5 Freshers' Wyrmtongue
No content yet
Pieces needed from: Chair, Librarians, Vice
Artwork can be scrounged from the archives
Intro to website and mailing lists
Arty / Info stuff in remaining space

3. Femtocon
Date - provisionally Wed 15 Oct
Give away more books
Quiz - easier than last Picocon due to lower facial hair count; novel format
Food - in back of hall so people have to walk past everything else
LAN if possible - Karne to put a call out for computer specs
Video - something that can be watched for a random few minutes - probably
Monty Python
More sign up forms

5. Publicity and Posters
Standardise society name and logo on all publicity
Use URL everywhere - www.icsf.org.uk
Paper bookmarks with URL on inside books given away at freshers' events

6. Library
MIT sci-fi society have a huge collection and are interested in swapping spare books with us. This will probably mean us going to buy books more readily available in UK to send there.
Video showings - post an advanced schedule somewhere; possibly acquire a whiteboard
Have rigid schedule for the start of term
More evening showings, especially on Monday and Wednesdays eg. Ultraviolet Taken, 10th Kingdom
Monday lunch - reshow previous Monday's evening episode(s)
Friday evenings - films you should have seen etc due to less reliable fresher count
Weekdays - everybody out of library by 14:00 except for Wednesdays
Weekends - 1/2 season Babylon 5 marathons
Some nibbles to be provided for longer video showings

7. Events
We have a conferences/competitions budget which could be used to send members to conferences or conventions, or for more regular Wyrmtongue competitions
Thursday evenings to be dedicate to events - barnights, cinema, go visit the beardies etc
Bookcrawl - 3rd or 4th Saturday of term
LoTR exhibit at science museum - likely to be very good, try to organise a trip to see it

8. Picocon
Less cryptic poster campaign needed
Stuff to be planned later

9. Other Business
Stuff to be bought: DVD player, new VHS player, new library computer
Capital expenditure plan unlikely to help with this this year
Also need a chair for the computer
Use website more, especially the newsboard

Meeting closed at 19:58