13 February 2003

Present - Alex (editor), Eemeli (publicity), Jake (vice), Jo (sofa), Karne (librarian), Robbie (chair), Simon (treasurer), Seb, Matt K, Mouse, Pete B, Muppet, Small Annoying Tom
Apologies - Shuri (secretary)
Meeting opened 18:00

1. Picocon Panic

10:00 Registration starts
10:15 - 10:30 Intro (Robbie and Jo ranting in UDH)
10:30 - 11:30 - 12:00 Gwyneth Jones
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
12:30 - 13:00 DoDM
13:00 - 14:30 Panel
14:30 - 16:00 Jack Cohen
16:00 - 17:00 Quiz
17:00 PROMPT Film

1.1 Pre-Picocon

Dramsoc rigging on Saturday. They need access to USH, UCH, Gym, TTR. Volunteers to help Dramsoc shift stuff at 08:00am. Medic Dramsoc will rig Saturday night and Sunday morning (will liase with cinema to ensure they don't block screen for the film).
STOIC to record talks? Tom will investigate, can probably do it as personal project and therefore for free. Matt K may be able to sign out a camera if someone he trusts will be using it and gives it back at the end.
Webpage to be updated with new schedule.
Jo is organizing a float.
Muppet will run off stickers for people to wear.
Front desk needs tea, coffee, breakfasty kibble. Lorna apparently taking care of this.
Robbie to collect fish keys from Michelle/Nona on Friday night. (Tom has one as backup.)
Robbie to remind Richard about tshirts.
Need monitors. Can get these from Sam in the SAC? Or Felix? Monitors need to be got and shipped to ICSF on Friday. Pete will talk to Sam.
Need laminated signs, chalk for writing on pavements, et cetera. Need string, pens, tape (sello and parcel), assorted stationery. Need spare picocon posters to post about the place. There is a 1.2x3m banner saying "Picocon". This to be organised by Robbie and stored in lib along with black binbags the night before.
Robbie to email Alex with timetable for Wyrm. Jo to write Welcome, Jake and Jakob to write up on their authors. Deadline is Wednesday. Jo is good at grammar and so her piece won't require much checking.
Jo, Muppet, Lorna, Robbie, everyone

1.2 Setup

All Picocon minions report to the Union at 08:00. Anyone donating a computer to have it ready to go by 07:30. Computers are lent at own risk, but reasonable claim can be made for unnecessary damage we cause.
Karne listing computers and pickup points. All minions in Union to help unload computers from car and set them up in UDH. Consoles to go near computers.
Get Union to open back doors for shifting stuff (computers, books) in and out. Robbie needs to get security to open doors and switch on lights. Jo will be there early. Robbie will also be there early, on pain of something.
Need to get TVs from STOIC and library. Tables for UCH to be got from Db's/UDH. All to help.
UCH - Chairs to be set up as: 10 rows, 6 per side, at slight angle to front of room. 2 UDH trestle tables to be set up at front of UCH with chairs for speakers etc. Not too many chairs or it'll look empty, but enough so everyone can sit down. All other chairs to be stored out of the way of UCH (in the back of the UCH, on landings, in the Gym if they fit).
Possibly round table outside UCH for stalls if not in UDH.
Mouse to organize wide game.
Someone (possibly Alex) to go to Waterstones at 11:20 to help carry books, and give directions.
Karne, Mouse, Someone, everyone

1.3 Stalls

Fantasy Book Centre, Porcupine Books, ZZ9, other cons, Alex McLintock. May use upstairs space depending.
Waterstones coming 12:00-14:00. Maybe we can get him to return his books...
Tragic shop people unresponsive, probably won't come at all.
Eastercon have apparently paid for their stall. We are to be Nice to other con reps.
Jakob has spoken to Michelle about parking. Union can give us 2 spaces, though college regs say all people should pay for spaces. Maybe 3 spaces if lucky, but might have to pay for third.

1.4 Authors

Jake is looking after Jack and Jakob is looking after Gwyneth.
Jake is not allowed to call the authors 'bitch'. He must listen to his author and be attentive and polite.
Jake to loiter at front desk until his author arrives. He is to offer anything that's needed, apologize for anything that needs apologizing for, wait on his author hand and foot, get him lunch, et cetera; Jake is Jack's slave for the day. He will get lib copies of the books signed.
Lorna going to get Gwyneth from station from Brighton in car. Jakob to go too.
Shepherds introduce their own speakers.
Jack Cohen - Aliens. A popular talk well recevied when he's done it before. Physoc unable to publicise this separately.
Gwyneth Jones - how to decide on audience to pitch for when writing a book. Something like this anyway.
Slash is not a suitable topic.
Panel - The future of Man. Gwyneth, Jack, others to be found by Dave C. If others not found, he and Simon Bradshaw will fill up the panel. Discussion should be.. interesting.
Authors to make claims through us to the Union after the event. Receipts.
Jake, Lorna, Jakob

1.5 Film

12 Monkeys. Payment method for cinema: £3 per head who watch it, with minimum fee of £135. Dramsoc wants us to show film earlier; revised schedule is above.
People not at film to be kicked out at 17:00, all setters-up to help pack away.
Cinema are liasing with Dramsoc to ensure their rigging doesn't interfere with our film.

1.6 Stewards

Jo has a rota of stewards, 2 of which to be on duty at any given time. They are to wear ICSF t-shirts. When not on duty, be helpful and friendly anyway: find lost people, tell them where things are, point them at the bar, et cetera. Can go to talks, but should be aware of random lost people.
Karne needs responsible types to watch computers. He will decide who these people are.
Need a front desk steward at all times. Will need 2 for the first bit when registration is frantic. Paper-based system, not electronic this year. Computers confused poor old people last time, and a confused beardy is not a pretty sight.
Jo to post rota of stewards to the list.
Jo, everyone

1.7 Other stuff

People can join on the door for £7. Free entry for babies and other animals. We clear out of everywhere at 19:00ish. The RSM Bottle Match arrives at 19:00. Dear god save us all.
Wide Game will be an Origami hunt. Richard to be informed there is no Killer. A points-based ranking system for origami models?
Meal is at Pierino's. Jo to ask authors, book for them. Robbie to email list for numbers. Lorna is to be told she is coming. Pete is not allowed to feed Lorna vodka to prevent her doing things.
Miners not to be allowed anywhere near the computers. They're a bunch of drunken &@*$%s. Computers disassembled and whisked away during the film.
Eemeli wants an invisible Eric straddling the union. Frankly, Eric is welcome to straddle anything it likes as long as it stays away from the committee.
Union (spit) food will be available on the day. God help us all.
We need more dodgy merchandise.
Tools to be collected from garage.
All people will note Jo's mobile number for contacting on the day.
Jo, Robbie, everyone

1.8 Last words

Ram is useless. Badges are expensive. Keep an eye on the expenses. Dave Lally is messing about and is to be charged £4. That last Danish pastry is Jo's. Evelyn Gardens is crap. All Hail Bob! All Mock Phil!

Meeting Closed 19:00