13 January 2003

Present - Karne (librarian), Jacob (vice), Robbie (chair), Eemeli (publicity), Jo (sofa), Simon the younger (treasurer), Shuri (secretary), Mouse, Richard, Iain
AWOL - Alex (publicity)
Meeting opened 18:07

1.1 Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes passed, Shuri to post minutes of past meetings to website. Shuri

1.2 Matters arising


2. Finance

2.1 Budget submission for 2003/2004
Budget submission was dealt with as a group.
2.2 Treasurer's report
Umm, could Simon send me a summary or something? *looks braindead and forgetful*
2.3 Contingency claim
Is still being sorted, apparently.

3. Picocon

3.1 Authors
Need volunteers to read Gwynyth Jones (Robbie has been volunteered for this) and be minders. Neither Juliet McKenna nor China Mieville can make it. No reply so far from Stanne.
3.2 Publicity
We need flyers for the February Ton meet, flyers put in Waterstones/Forbidden Planet/Fantasy Book Centre, flyers put in the flyer thing outside the Union office.
We also need posters.
Emphasis put on Jack Cohen and the film. Not necessarily good idea to mention ICSF - might scare people off.
3.3 Film
Richard's bitter complaint about democracy duly noted.
Gattaca, 12 Monkeys, and K-Pax are preferred films in preferred order.
3.4 Booksellers
Fantasy Center, ZZ9, and Porcupine will attend. Alex McClintock also wants a table.
There was mention of Waterstones, and also the possibility of offering free stalls to all other London Uni sci-fi societies.
3.5 Panel discussion
Possibly ask Jakob Whitfield to chair the panel, and get people from the floor to join the panel.
3.6 Other attractions and stuff
Take over landing outside the room for talks.
Put giant Jenga in somewhere. Obtain fire jugglers with bribes of free entry.
We need people to find more dodgy merchandise to destroy, and to get more killer weapons from e.g. cheap toy shops.
We also need more fiendishly difficult questions for the quiz. (There was a suggestion of an identifying sci-fi door noises round.) Send questions to Simon Matthews.
Quiz is to fit in allocated hour this year.
3.7 T-shirts
Psi-phi on the front.
Karne to clean up images of troll/shield? Keep the shield motto for the text.
Poeple to order tshirts and pay in advance to avoid emptying of Richard's pocket money.
Printing of tshirts will be in white, can be on any colour tshirt they have available. I think Richard was going to find out what colours they had.
Karne, Richard, everyone
3.8 Anything else
Food: catering is going to be opened during lunchtime.
Paper-based system this year, perhaps with boxes for letters to encourage legible writing. Have laptop available at front desk just in case.
No advanced sales this year. Have Seb advertise picocon to PhySoc. Put £2 discount coupon in Felix for students. Possibly lower entry price after 4pm.

4. Events for this term

4.1 Barnights
Barnight on Thursday of next next week. Also Ton meet in February.
4.2 Cinema trips
Cinema trips to Nemesis and LoTR finalized.
Possible group outings to various films at the scifi film festival starting 31st January.
4.3 Video showings
Talk to security guards to look at possibilty of getting lib to stay open until 2am, say, for a video marathon.
Firefly showings to be advertised on list but not on walkways.
4.4 Bookcrawl
To be worried about after Picocon.
4.5 Other
Jake to update website with current events information.

5. Librarian type things

Rota is out - any problems, let Karne know.
The Chair should be occupied by the duty librarian. Non-committee/librarians should not be occupying the Chair or using the computer.


Note that the ICSF list is for announcements only. No spam please.

Meeting Closed 19:23