12 December 2002

Present - Robbie (chair), Jake (Vice Chair), Simon the Younger (treasurer), Alex (editor), Mouse (proxy for Karne, librarian)
Apologies - Jo (sofa), Karne (librarian)
AWOL - Shuri (secretary), Eemeli (publicity)
Meeting opened 12:30

1.1 Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes passed, no objections.
1.2 Matters arising
1.3 Events so far
General approval. No other opinions.

2. Treasurer's report

We have 92 members, 80 of whom are 'real' subsidised members. Currently 20 'real' members away from target membership.
We have ~£1175 in refundables and the library budget currently has ~£160.

3. Librarian's report

General satisfaction with large number of additions to the library this term, noteably Farscape seasons 2 and 3.
Suggestion was made to 'hide' Star Trek videos on the lower shelves behind the chairs due to inordinate amount of space they occupy. This suggestion was generally approved of.

4. Atmosphere

General feeling is people should behave - "play nicely children". Complaints made spanned a wide spectrum but with emphasis plasced on 'obnoxious and disespectful behaviour' and 'overwhelming' conversations. Agreed that everyone present in the library should make an effort to curb this type of behaviour.
Noted that the emphasis on 'not scaring freshers at all costs' appears to be a relic from the port-a-cabin days. Agreed that this is still important, but hopefully any problems caused by this will sort themselves out.

5. Future events

Currently no definite plans, though a trip to see 'The Two Towers' is definite, and Star Trek Nemesis is out in Janurary.
Schedule for the first couple of weeks of next term to be planned over Christmas holidays.

6. Picocon

Rooms are booked as are two authors. Third guest only if someone of particular intrest becomes available.
Need to start looking for minders for authors: currently there are no volunteers and any volunteers will need to read the works of the author they are minding.
Union regs permit the speaker's budget being spent on a meal for both the speaker and one committee member (the minder).

7. AOB

The SCC should be slapped for being generally incompetent, with special emphasis on slapping the SCC treasurer.

8. Last words

Bob was duly worshipped.
Phil was duly mocked.

Meeting Closed 12:47