28 October 2002

Present - Eemeli (publicity), Jo (sofa), Simon the Younger (treasurer), Muppet (chair), Karne (librarian), Robbie (vice chair), Alex (editor, left early), Shuri (secretary), Mouse, Jake
AWOL - nobody (yay!)
Meeting opened 18:06

1. Previous meeting's minutes

Approved seeing as nobody had them handy.

2. Matters arising from previous meeting


3. Events so far

Recent events have gone well for the most part. Excellent turnout at Femtocon. Darwin Centre trip well attended. Many people coming to Magic nights. Mmm, more converts.
However, rapidly declining attendance at video evenings. Nobody turned up for Eight Legged Freaks; this is the movie's fault.

4. Treasurer's report

The following is Simon's financial report as emailed to the committee list, with the corrections he made after discussion on the list.
1) Contingency claim is still being handled by the SCC, there has been little movement so far on this due to their incompetence.
2) The Desk top sorter that has been charged to us is being sorted by the union - I believe that aziz is doing this.
3) The library budget has been increased by £150 i.e. from £500 to £650. This money is to tide the library over until the first committee meeting after picocon, i.e. the picocon debrief.
4) The money in refundables (approx £1134) is not all spare money. Some of it has been spent, i.e. on books for the lib (approx £150) and more has been earmarked for other purposes, e.g. publicity (£100) and the Wyrms/fanzine. Advertising money raised is a bonus and goes to improving the wyrms and the fanzine (approx £200 combined). Note that this list of expenses is not exhaustative.
5) A point for Picocon. Any takings recieved must be banked intact! paying our expenses out of the takings, then banking the profit remaining is technically FRAUD and obviously this is not going to happen. If necessary we could use a float. The general consensus seems to be to talk to Ben about exactly what we can do, with the idea of running a petty cash system (fully documented) and replacing any cash removed with money after the event (so that the takings are effectively banked intact) then refunding the member who supplied the money, claiming it as "Picocon expenses" so that we have a few, large claims for picocon, rather than thousands of tiny ones.
Those were the main points raised. The budget is online at http://www2.union.ic.ac.uk/money/FinanceFiles/266/1999/budget.shtml
Budget heads:
Library: £169.49
Freshers: £59.61
Wyrm : £85 (+ £45 from advertising)
Fanzine: £100 (+ any of the £45 from the wyrm advertising)
Publicity: £42.02
Speakers: £100
Randoms: £91.55
We have so far raised £534 from membership, with a total of 77 members, 70 of whom are "real" union subsidised members.
As an aside anyone who is waiting for cheques the scc treasurer has promised that they will be ready by friday afternoon. This probably means that they will be arriving next week, but we can but hope.

5. Future events

5.1 Upcoming events
Tai wants to show Wild Palms at some point soon, probably in the evening. Robbie to speak to Tai about this.
Karne wants to show Firefly in evenings, starting in a few weeks' time.
Possible combined author-talk-and-barnight soon. Proposed venue: Waterstones (alternatively room in Union). Proposed date: 21 November. Proposed author: Juliet E. McKenna or China Miéville. Proposed format: Please not a reading. Adjourn to Union Bar after author talk. Robbie to send email to list asking for author suggestions.
Upcoming trip to James Bond Exhibition. Eemeli to verify IC students get in free; if so, this fact to be advertised to members.
Upcoming Christmas dinner. Shuri to email list asking for restaurant recommendations. Current suggestion is the Star.
Robbie, Eemeli, Shuri
5.2 Suggestions regarding events
Posters advertising video nights and barnights to be put up in library on day of event. Weekly events list to be posted on library door on A3 paper. Eemeli to take care of this.
Weekly events email to continue. Remind people to go to 'Ton. Robbie to take care of this.
Barnights to start at 18:30 instead of 19:00.
Need volunteers for vaguely official event 'reporters' - someone who has gone to an event and is willing to write a report on how it went for, say, Wyrmtongue.
Robbie, Eemeli

6. Picocon

John has emailed ZZ9, booksellers, etc. David's Books has not yet replied. Jo to phone them.
Anyone wishing to see the Picocon internal budget, talk to Jo. Money to be banked via refundables, people to write cheques to authors who want money on the day, and get refunded later.
No minibus needed as we will have a few cars. No laptops at front desk this time.
Dig out sheets of stickers from last year.
Tshirts to be done soon. Order extras and sell them at Picocon. Mail to go to list asking for artwork. Jo to take care of this.
Any artwork by James Shirvill to be sent to Karne for retouching.
Publicity leaflets for Picocon needed. Flyers for 'Ton needed soon, A5 or A6 paper, black and white, but flashy and preferably with a picture. Eemeli to take care of this.
Send article about Picocon to Felix at start of next term.
Article about Picocon to go in Wyrmtongue also. Robbie has been volunteered for this.
Jo, Eemeli, Robbie

X. Fresher issues

Fresher attendance to events is bad. Freshers scared off by loud annoying people in library at lunchtimes.
Magic games and chatting to be moved to back of library, NOT in front of door.
Duty librarians and committee members to keep an eye on things: shush people who are too loud, chat with anyone looking scared in the corner, welcome freshers as they come in.
Formally close library at 14:00 every day to clear out loungers and tidy up. Library may be opened later if committee or duty librarians wish.

Y. Publicity issues

Need another poster campaign. Possibly employ Etak for artwork. Eemeli to take care of this.
Waterstones flyers going quickly. Need to print another run; possibly print out continuous feed of flyers. Better map to go on new flyers. Eemeli again. He's starting to sound a bit overworked..
Sign with "ICSF Library" and opening hours to be placed at top of library window. Mouse offered to take care of this iirc.
We should brand flyers, Wyrms, etc. with ICSF crest or something. Eemeli please note.
Eemeli, Mouse

Z. Other issues

Please note ICU Cinema discounts tickets to £2.50 each for largish groups (8 or 10+ people).
Wyrmtongue needs piece from Chair within next 3 weeks. Wyrmtongue needs 1 more favourite books list.
Get Spiderman.
James Shirvill to be thanked for making damn good art.
Everyone please reply to committee list emails. Need more emails going out to committee list. Write more, people. Yes more.
Library computer for use of committee and duty librarians ONLY.

Meeting Closed 18:40