September 24 2002

Present - Peter Muir (chair), Robbie Bain (vice chair), Michael Wright (librarian), Simon Matthews (treasurer), Alex Crosse (wyrm editor), Eemeli Aro (publicity), Ed, Jake, Simon C, Iain, Michelle(late), Baz (left early), Alia (left early)
Apologies - Shuri (secretary), Jo Bailey (picocon sofa)
Meeting opened 18:02

1. Matters arising from last meeting

Peter has talked to the union about rooms, and we don't need stewards.
Alex has lost some editions of Wyrmtongue and the latest fanzine due to computer failure, need to find hard-copies of the wyrms and new copies of the fanzine content so they can be transferred to electronic form.

Alex, Robbie et al.

2. Femtocon

2.1 Date and Time
Wednesday 9th October (2nd week of term) 1400-1700, Peter will book the UDH.
2.2 Computers
Michael has only had 1 response so far. None of the potential drivers will be free, so there are transport issues. People to generally seek extra machines, and tell Michael.
2.3 Videos
Monty Python is a favourite, either the Holy Grail or The Meaning of Life. Also Blackadder or Red Dwarf.
2.4 Quiz
May be able to re-use old questions from picocon. Robbie will organise this year's quiz and come up with some new questions.
2.5 Library Tours
to be conducted by Michael.
2.6 Magic Games
Highlander style games using a selection of decks for an easy intro.
2.7 Other
Eemeli to procure snackfoods to feed the ravening hordes. Availability of snackfoods not to be advertised. Eemeli to make posters/flyers for Femtocon. Flyers needed by Fresher's Fair, posters can be put up a bit later (due to limited lifespan of posters). Eemeli to check whether we need approval from union and/or need to display their logo.

3. Freshers' Fair

Tuesday 1st October (1st Tuesday of term) 1400-1700 ish

3.1 Posters
need A3 blowups of old ICSF posters gone by, plus also nice niew film posters (eg from Forbidden Planet). Also signs and information for the stall.
3.2 Sign-up sheets Peter
3.3 Library Tours Karne
3.4 Videos
show the Matrix in the library for 'wow' value, follow with whatever.
3.5 Freshers' Wyrm
Alex will put this together by Tuesday, preferably needs proofing on Monday.
3.6 Fanzines
Need some on the stall.
3.7 Books to give away
We have plenty
3.8 Stall Location
Union sabbaticals are in Wye, so nothing booked yet. Hopefully in the Quad or the Union.

4. Picocon Update

Jo has provided a progress report. GoHs confirmed as Jack Cohen and Gwyneth Jones. Need volunteers to read their work and suggest discussion topics.


5. Events - this term and future

Tuesday 1st October (1st Tuesday of term) 1400-1700 ish

5.1 James Bond expo at the Science Museum
opens on 16/10/02, we will go there on November 6th (Wednesday)
5.2 Darwin Center
(Natural History's pickled animal collection) opens October, we will go on October 16th (Wednesday)
5.3 Eden Project
some sort of trip would be good, probably in term two since it is expensive and will require some organisation, including drivers.
5.4 Film Trips
This term, we will be going to see:
Minority Report: trip on Tue 8/10/02 @ 6pm (Union)
8-Legged Freaks: trip on 21/10/02 @ 8pm (Union)
XXX: trip on 29/10/02 (Odeon)
Harry Potter: trip Tue 19/11/02 (Odeon)
James Bond: trip on Tue 26/11/02 (Odeon)
5.5 Exciting new event ideas
MOMI (if it's open), the London Dungeon (good for a laugh)
Possibly also laserquest.

6. Financial Procedure

How to take cash (and cheques, but we try not to take cheques) in the library. Also, when people join up, check their email addresses. Copy of this procedure attached to agenda (Paper 3). A copy should also be put in the cashbox in the library for reference.
Don't pin receipts to the noticeboard, give them to Peter or Simon. Issue a receipt for ALL money taken, and count the cashbox at the end of the day. If more than £25, tell Simon/Peter so it can be banked.

All duty librarians

7. Waterstones

Peter and Robbie went to see the Waterstones manager, but he is on holiday, so they'll try again on Friday (27/9/02). We need to try to maintain the discount on SF/F books and also possibly organise joint events with Waterstones and ICSF. Also, need to put a poster on the central library noticeboard.

Peter, Robbie

8. Barnights

8.1 First barnight
Second Thursday of term, in the Union bar.
8.2 Futher Barnights
There will be fortnightly barnights, though some of these will be trips to Ton meets. Occasionaly barnights may be in the Star (Belgravia) or elsewhere rather than the Union.

9. Bookcrawl

There will be a bookcrawl on Saturday 12th October at 12pm, visiting the Fantasy Center, Charing X Road (Murder One and Forbidden Planet) and Notting Hill. Budget of around £100-150 for this, and people should email Michael with suggestions for what to buy.

10. Website

Minor updates may be needed to bring the sight up-to-date, Robbie to check this. People should email Robbie with content ideas and things, to keep the site active and fresh.

11. Weekly email events reminder

Emails to be sent to the list every week detailing the events of the coming week. Needs to include blurb on each event, and info such as whether tickets need to be booked in advance. Possibly get John to do a 'what's on TV this week' section.
Robbie, Peter

12. Keep the library clean and tidy

Don't block access to shelves, don't leave bags there outside lunchtimes and try to give the new freshers a good impression.

13. Events Schedule

Peter will rewrite this in view of our new busy schedule of events for the term. Original schedule was attached as Paper 4.

14. Other

Duty librarians to email Michael with lists of what they want to show as lunchtime vids.
Committee to email Alex with list of their 5 favourite SF/F books, and a couple of lines about each one.
People organising video nights must turn up and keep them organised. Turn lights down, and NO playing of magic etc.
Email rest of media center about possibility of getting a drinks machine in the corridor for the media center.
Hijack poster boards outside library to display SF/F posters.
Librarians, Committee

Meeting Closed 19:10