June 11 2002

Present - Muppet (Chair elect), Alex (Editor), Simon the Younger (Treasurer elect), Jo (Sofa elect), Robbie (Vice Chair elect), Karne (Librarian elect), Mouse (Librarian), Lloyd (Treasurer), Jake, Baz, Toby, some guy, Ian, Tai
AWOL - Eemeli
Meeting opened 18:00ish

1. Finances

See Simon's report.

2. Picocon

2.1 Picocon 2003
GoHs: Dr. Jack Cohen and Gwynyth Jones
Date: February 21 2003 (proposed)
Muppet to book room come next year. Jo to prod Muppet come time.
Muppet, Jo
2.2 Picocon 2004
GoH: Peter F. Hamilton

3. Wyrmtongue, Fanzine

3.1 Fresher's Wyrm
Muppet to write welcome note regarding society, library, Picocon, other events, etc.
3.2 Wyrm Distribution
Eemeli's duty to distribute Wyrms, Alex's duty to make sure Eemeli does so.
Eemeli, Alex
3.3 Fanzine
To be proofed over next couple days. Will not be distributed until next academic year; mail to go to list informing of such in case people wot are leaving want their Wyrm and care to leave snail mail address.
3.4 Webifying of Wyrms
Shuri is to do this after end of term.

4. Events for 2002-2003

4.1 Eden Project
Plan is to hire 2 minibuses, obtain drivers from within society, and stay in youth hostel. Details to be sorted later.
4.2 Video Nights
I believe we're leaving them on Monday evenings. Robbie to organize vid nights. And Muppet needs an email from everyone with contact details over the summer and when they'll be back in College.
Robbie, everyone
4.3 Femtocon
Keep beardies away. Include Magic tourney. Take along books for sale. Run library trips.
4.4 Fresher's Fair
Anyone willing and on campus early in term or before term starts to help out with frosh fair.
4.5 Speakers
Robbie to speak to Waterstones manager about possible speaker events. Note we have £100 speaker budget.

5. Admin stuff

5.1 Keylist
To include committee and duty librarians only.
5.2 Cash related stuff
Need cashbox for petty change. Karne will manage cashbox. Total cash to be kept to max of £25.
Need cash receipt book. Muppet will provide one.
Karne, Muppet

6. Other Stuff

6.1 First Term 2002
Library to be kept clean and tidy. No messy food etc.
No climbing through window either. This is so as to not scare freshers away.
6.2 Listserver
Robbie to get password off Simon the Elder
6.3 Membership cards
Need nicer membership cards. Printed on card and laminated. Possibly put members in charge of lamination.
Two colour (vid/non vid) system.

Meeting Closed 18:40