12 February 2001

Present - Alex (E`d.), Jakob (Chair), Jo, John, Lloyd (Tres.), Lorna, Michael, Michelle (Lib.), Peter (Sec.), Robbie, Shuri, Simon, Tai
Apologies - Ed, Richard (Pub.)
AWOL - Phil
Meeting opened 18:45

1.1 Minutes of Previous Meeting Passed

2. Society Business

2.1 AGM
Date set for Thursday 7th of March, 6pm start. Lloyd is appointed returning officer, and as such needs to be informed of peoples intentions to stand. He also needs to announce to the list the AGM at least two weeks before.
2.2 Waterstones linkup
Hopefully the manager will pop in at lunchtime. Regarding the link up it was suggested that we have a sub committee meeting with him, Chair, Lib., Sec. +... present to discuss ideas. We also ought to check with the union about this.
2.3 BOGS
We were approached at Picocon by Dave Clements and Tom Yates, and told that 1000 books were donated in 1987. The warden of Beit Hall donated these and is about to retire, something should be done to recognise him.
This means that we need to sort out BOGS, it is suggested that we should give some drafts to Phil as he has the 'right' sense of humour.
The following people should be 'BOGGED': Juliet McKenna, Porcupine Books, PJ Finley (Donator mentioned above) and then possible ex. chairs - though it should NOT become a automatic thing.
Lorna, Pete, Phil
2.4 History/Archive
We should pester the ex's again for history....
Pete, Lorna
2.5 Leopard Sign
Another one needs making.
2.6 TV Speakers
4.1 Surround Sound suggested -- a set of computer speakers for £50
2.7 Black Shelving
More shelving for videos needed. 3 bays at approx £20 each - must match what we have.
2.8 The 'computer' corner needs clearing out
Keep one of the computers that work for web browsing, the rest needs to go
Peter et al.

3. Events

3.1 Bookcrawl
Will occur on 23rd February, start 12 midday @ South Ken. Don't go to Notting Hill.
3.2 Barnight
Union Bar, 28th February.
3.3 Monsters Inc.
Tuesday 19th February, go and see Monsters Inc. at HSK Cinema, first showing after 6pm.
3.4 Italian Job @ Union Cinema
Go and see this special for Rag week on 21st February.
3.5 Arthur C. Clarke Awards
Should go and 'network' with authors. Sorry, forgot to note the date

4. Picocon Postmortem

4.1 Daleks
Very cool, but they need a backup so that if they do go wrong we have something to replace them.
4.2 Front Desk
The databases from this year should be integrated with next years so old farts don't need to type everything in again.
Two tables, one for killer, one for registration.
A coat rack for people esp. authors would be nice
More laptops for the very busy bit!
A place for the committee to put their bags
More banking bags needed so we can get rid of money more often
A dividable cash box
More coins, less notes
4.2 Killer
It was a bit disorganised, slightly simplify it, and the rules need explaining much more carefully to the people running it! Committee et al. need to start the game off. Possibly an insert into Wyrm rather than a feature.
4.3 Wyrmtongue
Very good, much wibbling about fonts and PDFs.
4.4 Author Talks
China's was very popular, Lloyd apologises for missing it. We really ought to record the talks - talk to IC Radio or Stoic. Obviously we need the authors permission for this.
4.5 Panel
This needs to be carefully chaired to stop one person dominating the session. It would be very good to have a good topic in advance next year.
4.6 Film
Not such a good choice - it has to be something everybody wants to see again and again - classics are good. Only got three extras for it.
4.7 Dodgy Merchandise
We raised more money for rag this year than last!
4.8 Juggling
Good, but not enough people did it - rethink the timing?
4.9 Dinners
Having two dinners was good - the authors seemed to enjoy it. We have to invite the authors back next year.
4.10 Computers
Less issues than before mainly due to switch/patch cable! But stuff should be better labelled.
4.11 Finance
Lower takings than last year - probably as there were more students/concessions. The unofficial pre-booking was good. Many complaints about the SCC. Many thanks to RCC treasurer for signing a cheque.
4.12 Booksellers
Didn't work too well having ZZ9 out of the way as they were a bit separate, been better if the Daleks hadn't packed up.
4.13 Other
PARKING - go see parking, not the union
Gym mats around Giant Jenga were cool
A video in the Gym?
Stuff sorted in the library on Friday evening.
Run library tours at lunch time.
4.14 Picocon Structure
The Sofa should take a much more guiding role, delegating the authors, union stuff, publicity, front desk to others.

Meeting Closed 20:30