15 November 2001

Present - Alex (Ed.), Ed , Jacob McCarthy, Jakob (Chair),Jenny Hatwell, John, Lloyd (Tres.), Lorna, Michael, Michelle (Lib.), Peter Gribble, Peter (Sec.), Richard (Pub.), Robbie Bain, Shuri, Simon (V. Chair), Simon Matthews, Someone
Apologies None
awol - None (other than Phil)
Meeting opened 18:25

1.1 Minutes of Previous Meeting Passed
1.2 Matters Arising integrated into Agenda (which doesn't exist anyway)

2. Finance

2.1 SCC Claim
Contingency Claim passed for £113.
2.2 Budget
Reducing minimum membership is a bad idea!! It will remain at 100. Bob is slapped

3. Libary Issues

3.1 Website
A backup should be made
3.2 Shelving
More black shelving needed and to be purchased. Ed might have some at home.
3.3 Posters
As many old posters to be laminated as we can - we can spend about £30 on it.
Michelle & Michael
3.4 Mural
Are we allowed to paint a mural - check with the union.

4. Picocon

4.1 Authors
Geoff Ryman needs confirming. Anne Gay and Stan Nicholls need a place to stay - not IC!. China Meiville is all sorted.
4.2 Publicty
The college campaign needs organising, but we need to sort the film before then (see 4.3).
Ton meet. Is two days before Picocon, so is a must. Ed will sort out the trip, and Richard will sort the Flyers for this.
Ed, Richard
4.3 Film
This needs sorting asap. Eemeli can sort out what Films are available. In addition to previous lists, Pitch Black was suggested.
Jakob, Phil, Eemeli
4.4 Killer
Lorna knows the rules, I'll be buggered if I am going to repeat them here.
Badges need creating for this.
See attached sheet
4.6 Booksellers
The free car parking needs sorting.
4.7 Other
Cake for 25 years. A toast to the society and chairs past and present
Should have a two hour lunch, including Juggling display.
We need a float for the front desk. Lloyd to bring in his cash box.
Collate everybody helping's mobile numbers.
4.8 Panel Discussions
A fandom panel at 10am?
Oxford & Cambridge Debate?
Balloon Debate
See attached sheet
4.9 Note
Picocon responsibilities have been written down seperately and are available. This is really a part of the minutes but is also there to attmept an organisational structure.

Meeting Closed 19:30