26 October 2001

Present - Ed , Lloyd (Tres.), Jakob (Chair), Jo, John, Lorna, Michael, Michelle (Lib.), Peter (Sec.), Richard (Pub.), Shuriken, Simon (V. Chair), Simon Mattews
Apologies - Phil, Alex
AWOL - No One!
Meeting opened 18:10

Money (aka Treasurers Report)

  • We currently have 75ish Full Union Members (25 to get)
  • We need to check that the Union will pay the full cost of our chairs - they told us to buy the more expensive ones!
  • The Freshers Budget has been spent
  • We currently have a (much reduced from last year) book buying budget of £140 - we have spent around a third of this already - general consensus was to fund book buying from Refundables. The budget is like this because of union cut-backs and because we split the budget into 'new' and 'replacements' - the union then told us that we should not be losing books and to make a contingency claim. It was agreed that we should discuss this further later.
  • We need to get the insurance sorted asap so we can concentrate on other things.
  • Of the £300 publicity budget we have spent £70 - the Wyrms need to cost less (ie be A5)
  • Get more shelves sponsored

Missing stock

Stock check of videos reveals 11 missing. Not sure how many books are missing - we need to do a stock take! Everybody volunteers to help. Solutions include a security mirror to see into book shelves, and the backup person keeping an eye out. Library rules need to be posted explaining how to take out a book and small print reserving the right to chuck anybody out.

Publicity / Fanzine / Wyrmtounges

12pt please! (so can be reduced to fit A5). Also worth noting it normally takes £80 - £120 to produce Wyrmtounge so that leaves £110 - £150 for any future Wyrms and poster campaigns. Need to check breakdown to see how much should be allocated to publicity and Wyrm respectively.

Last years members who have not joined / people from sign up sheets who have not signed up need to be mailshotted by yours Truly.


We would like to run Picocon on the 9th of February. This should be sent to 'Ansible' and 'Fans Across the World' once a room has been booked.

Authors to invite: Juliet McKenna (but not as guest), Peter F Hamilton, Ken McLeod, China Meiville (sic.), Philip Pullman, Stephen Baxter. We should use £25 as a cap on Speaker costs (at least as a starting point!). Interface with Eemeli and Till re projection (or Phil).

Other Events for Picocon: Dalek Racing, Book Sellers (also need to be informed of date), Fencing Club (pos), Juggling (pos), Robot Wars Teams.

It is 25 years (we think!) of ICSF - why not make this a big thing for advertising, have a cake, try to get oldest member we can to cut the cake etc. It would be a good idea to check with Cosmic Ferret re age of club.

Other Events


Move to one a month - committee are to attend as much as pos - make them a bigger thing. Possibly also run them in other places, e.g., The Star, The Churchill Arms.

First one on 8th November.

Christmas Meal

Go to the Japanese restaurant that Fellwanderers went to Freshers meal (Leicester Square) and then on to see Hobbit.

Society trip to Ton in December

Committee members are to stop moaning about this event.


Harry Potter - book 20 (30?) tickets ASAP


Go to see films in Union on Thursday (or the Comedy).

TV at lunchtimes

Dune to be shown on Tuesdays once current schedule finished

A suggestions list to be put up and then a schedule to be drawn up by Sec. for fortnightly periods

Meeting Closed 19:45 (exactly)