27th September 2001

Present - Ed , Lloyd (Tres.), Michael, Michelle (Lib.), Peter (Sec.), Richard (Pub.), Simon (V. Chair),
Apologies - Jakob, John
awol - Alex
Meeting opened 18:33

Membership rates for the year

Its not worth increasing the rates from £10 & £5 for video & normal respectively due to hassle of change and float etc. We should not have one membership rate and charge per video.

Freshers Fair

We have been placed in the JCR again this year by the union. Solutions to this include ignoring the JCR (not good as we loose people who are looking for us), having people outside library to guide people in and a main stall in the JCR or having a small stall in the JCr and a large one in Quad - this was chosen (but revert to JCR if it is raining). Richard to be a sandwich board man?

Required are signup sheets, posters (Richard has text baced ones, Karne to look for piccies), signs (in library, + banners), flyers (produced by Richard). Stuff for stand to include: books to give away, sample of videos, posters of random SF&F films.

Other issues: Media centre still looks like building site - there is still building 'stuff' going on - Lloyd to talk to union; The blank wall needs covering; bits of library need tidying; 'Men in Black' to be shown as film; Food to be bought for Freshers.

Events for the term

Chairs video nights

As last year but with a differnet chair, a schedule was drawn up of videos to be seen. This is included in our events list which can be seen at http://www.su.ic.ac.uk/icsf/social/events/upcoming_events.html. The theme is basically 'Best of British SF' - Ultraviolet to be shown and a selection of Doctor Who and The Prisoner.


To be held the second Wednesday of term (10/10/01) if possible (room now booked for 10/10 - Sec.). LAN network (kept a bit smaller than at Picocon. Landy for computer ferrying if Jo and Pete can be persuaded. A Picocon style quiz - lots of small prizes - the first to shout out the answer? Buy food & choclate from Freshers Budget and have someone on 'Bar Duty' to dole out food. Links with Wargames - PLM to investigate. Library to be closed from 1pm onwards - sign on door.

Lunchtime videos

- to follow pattern set out on Events list for first few weeks and then 'Committee members choice'


Saturday 20th October, to start in Notting Hill Gate, then Holloway Road the Charing X Rd, meet 12 midday South Ken

Freshers Wyrm

Take content from the fanzine pile, PLM to do events list, Michelle has users guide, Michael to put in fiction and do a layout, Jakob has Chairs bit.


Committee cards (blue logo) to be printed by PLM

Make sure people fill in forms legibably- so we can contact them

Lilac (karne would prefer lavender) for non-video membership, light green for video.

Library rota - preliminary rota agreed

  • Monday - Peter
  • Tuesday - Ed
  • Wednesday - Richard
  • Thursday - Lloyd
  • Friday - Michelle


Richard to book (try for the 9th of Feb)

Meeting Closed 20:00 ish