ICSF Imperial College Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gothic Horror Society

ICSF is the centre for science fiction, fantasy and horror fans at Imperial College. We run a library of over 9000 books and 1800 DVDs and videos from all corners of the genre. Whether your interest is Pratchett's Discworld, The Sandman graphic novels, or Stargate, this is an ideal way to indulge it! It's a great place to pick up new and exciting obsessions too!

The social side of the society is equally active – the library is open every lunchtime on weekdays and we have regular video showings (often weird or esoteric stuff you should have seen but won't have). Film night are on Fridays, and we have large themed events for Halloween and Christmas. We also run events like mass outings to the cinema and end of term dinners; you can see what is coming up on the events page.

The largest event of the year is Picocon, our one-day convention held in February, which usually attracts around 200 attendees.

In all, being a member is a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends who are interested in SF or fantasy. Interested? We can be found in our purpose built library in the West Wing Basement of Beit Quad (the Students Union building), opposite IC Radio. Click for directions to the library.

You can also find us on social media: