Secret Garden

Our Secret Garden is a peaceful haven amidst the bustle of the Imperial College campus. Nestled within a private garden, it’s where we keep our bees and plant our vegetables.

To get to the garden, you need to go through the gate next to Weeks Hall (near Ethos) which can only be opened by certain Environmental Society members, so find out on our facebook page when the next gardening session will be! They typically run every Wednesday between 2-4pm, so join our gardening whatsapp chat to check if sessions are running and keep an eye out for additional sessions. View Larger Map Click on view larger map to see exact points Point A shows you where our part of the garden is Point B shows you where the swipe access next to Weeks Hall is Here’s a picture of what the swipe access gate looks like. It’s just to the right of the Weeks Building. Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 15.06.22