Imperial on Ecosia

Imperial on Ecosia is a campaign aiming to transform Imperial College by making Ecosia the default search engine instead of Google for the whole university. Ecosia is a search engine that plants a tree every 45 searches. It is run on 100% renewable, solar energy and is a carbon positive search engine that removes 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere every time a tree is planted.
It is super easy to install and only takes a click on the button on their website. It is a safe, privacy friendly search engine. No searches are stored or sold to advertisers and searches are even encrypted to prevent information from being stolen. All the income used to plant trees is generated from ads, just like Google. It is completely transparent and Ecosia posts their monthly financial reports on their website so users can know exactly where the money is going. Searches on Ecosia are highly similar to Google and there is hardly any difference between the two. Replacing Google with Ecosia is such a small change for us in our daily lives, but if we all make this change, the impact we can make is tremendous. 42 million trees have been planted by Ecosia. The widespread, positive impacts Ecosia has had range from habitat transformation to large socio-economic benefits in countries across the world. It has the power to improve climate change, habitats to sustain biodiversity, livelihoods, health … and the list goes on. Download Ecosia to help Imperial plant more trees: – Anyone who adds Ecosia through this link will have their searches counted as part of the university counter. Make the change to lessen the extensive damage we have already done to our planet.