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What happened next

Secret_Gardener/ May 23, 2012/ Beekeeping, college, Environmentalism/ 0 comments

07/05/12 The day after we caught the swarm I dropped a container with some sugar syrup into the top bar hive, because the weekend was forecasted to be cold and wet so they probably wouldn’t be able to go out and forage. A few days later we opened up the hive on a fine day to find that all the

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Emerging from their first Winter.

Secret_Gardener/ March 14, 2012/ Beekeeping, college, Environmentalism/ 0 comments

So after treating the hive against Varoa the out look still was not that good, the honey stores were very low and bees dwinderling. The society had hoped not to feed the bees but sadly we were forced to begin feeding with sugar syrup up until November, then we closed the hive and hoped for the best. You might have

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Visiting Big Hanna

Secret_Gardener/ June 20, 2011/ college, Environmentalism/ 0 comments

Ever thought how much stuff college throws out? Even with the reducing and recycling initiatives, it is a terribly large amount. Westminster Council estimate that about 8% of IC’s waste is food waste, and so we introduce Big Hanna. The composter being used to reduce the amount being sent to landfills by composting food waste on site. Which also helps

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