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Albert loose about the hive:

Secret_Gardener/ June 8, 2011/ Beekeeping, Environmentalism/ 0 comments

Even in the most active months, an apiarist should only have to check on their hive once a week. The reason we have been checking twice that is to make sure Albert, our queen, gets out and starts laying eggs. It seems in the last few days finally Albert has been released from the her cell and can get onto

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Albert update

Secret_Gardener/ June 3, 2011/ Beekeeping, Environmentalism/ 0 comments

The excited new bee-keepers have been popping by the secret garden to eat lunch and have a look at the bees in their spare time. Sadly, it took all of a day before litter was found within the bee hive area. It is genuinely surprising considering how few people have access to the area that so much junk gets discarded

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Welcoming Albert and the Carnies.

Secret_Gardener/ June 2, 2011/ Beekeeping, Environmentalism/ 0 comments

Esoc is now the proud owner of hive and bees! This weekend saw an intense garden tidying effort and formation of a new communal area in the garden, which hopefully will be soon made all the more lovelier with an injection of plant life in the coming weeks. On Tuesday, after Facilities laid more mulch in the bee hive area,

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