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Bee Inspection 20th June 2012

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We’ve tried to name our hives to introduce some sanity into our discussions: New Hive –> Cedar Heights (Queen Bella, as she must have been very attractive to a bee to get her lifetime supply of boyfriends so quick) Old Hive –> Old Hive (Queen Cinderella, for her inspiring battle against the odds, including an assassination attempt, to get where

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What happened next

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07/05/12 The day after we caught the swarm I dropped a container with some sugar syrup into the top bar hive, because the weekend was forecasted to be cold and wet so they probably wouldn’t be able to go out and forage. A few days later we opened up the hive on a fine day to find that all the

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Emerging from their first Winter.

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So after treating the hive against Varoa the out look still was not that good, the honey stores were very low and bees dwinderling. The society had hoped not to feed the bees but sadly we were forced to begin feeding with sugar syrup up until November, then we closed the hive and hoped for the best. You might have

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Problems in the hive

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Weekly inspections of the hive had been going well, the population was expanding, more and more brood frames were being used and even the supers are being drawn out. There is significant amounts of honey being stored and lots of brood. However, on one week we noticed about 12 bees on the floor with withered wings being devoured by wasps.

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Feelin’ broody.

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Another week, another inspection! Which, theoretically, we are now slightly better at doing after a weekend course of theory and practical sessions. Having seen marked queens and therefore a better grounding for knowing what to look for, 4 intrepid apiarists went on the search for Albert. While they at first seemed more agitated than usual they swiftly quietened down and

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