Bee Inspection 20th June 2012

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We’ve tried to name our hives to introduce some sanity into our discussions: New Hive –> Cedar Heights (Queen Bella, as she must have been very attractive to a bee to get her lifetime supply of boyfriends so quick) Old Hive –> Old Hive (Queen Cinderella, for her inspiring battle against the odds, including an assassination attempt, to get where she is today) Old Hive: Doing OK, 6 play cups found. 2 brood, 2.5 frames honey, not very much pollen. Cinderella found (she’s not flying anywhere!). Cedar Heights: V. strong, building comb right on top of frames, play cups found and ~six actual queen cups with laid eggs. Frames: 1 pollen, 3 of eggs, 1 of honey, 5 brood. Bella spotted and looking so fecund she was practically popping. Essentially they’re doing so well there was no more space in the hive. Our actions: Queen cups opened / destroyed for inspection. We decided that both hives were pretty lacking in pollen so decided to make up some of our new mix & give them a feed. Super added to Cedar Heights, with the most drawn out super frames we could find. ~3L of pollen feed (mixed as a liquid) were placed in two containers on top of the super. Old Hive: Frame feeder (2L) filled with pollen feed and placed at front of hive after removing un-used frames and respacing all sensibly. Our hope would be that adding space in the supers will calm down Bella so she doesn’t swarm. We may have to make up some extra supers for brood space. Either way, there should be time to consider + take action at our next Wednesday inspection. Inspection Photos

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