When two become one, but really stay two

Secret_Gardener/ May 30, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

So after our shambolic and accidental release of the proposed virgin queen, we hoped that she wouldn’t go back to the hive where she came from and kill the newly introduced queen (still in her cage until the colony gets used to her smell). Sadly, after a couple of days later, the new queen’s cage was empty but no queens nor eggs seen. As it had been about 6 weeks since eggs had been laid in that hive, it looked like we were all out of luck. Bugger. However, upon a quick inspection today, low and behold our previously-virgin queen was spotted, she was looking a lot more plump so we gave a good look over the frame she was on and found eggs and larvae. After transferring of frame of bees from the other hive which were just about to hatch, we should have two good colonies! This is pretty exciting because we’ve just installed our lovely top bar in the garden of Lush Spa, Kings Rd, and we’ll transfer this colony to have a good old buzz in their shop. Moral of the story, don’t always trust the spice girls.

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