Supercedure cells

Secret_Gardener/ April 18, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

After the beesplosion it seems that our little colony went from mere play cups to full on queen cells with eggs and royal jelly. This being a sign that swarming was imminent (probably only stayed that long because of the bad weather) we started getting ourselves ready to perform an artificial swarm. An artificial swarm being a controlled swarm where you can split the hive (its through this method that colonies reproduce) and we left a healthy hive to choose between two sealed queen cells. Sadly today as we moved the “swarm” from its makeshift nucleus hive to a proper one we didn’t see eggs nor the queen. Although the hive seemed to be behaving fairly normally we noticed 3 supercedure cells, their presence has made us very suspicious that the queen has died or wandered off. A supercedure cell is a queen cup that that has been built midway up the comb from what would normally have been a worker cell, implying an unplanned and hastily taken action. Oh well, the makeshift hive was pretty cramped and hopefully it was just because the queen hadn’t been able to wander the comb enough to stop workers thinking she’d died and if not, at least they are taking the right action to make the colony queen right. We can only hope the other hive is doing well and shall check and report back next week.

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