Emerging from their first Winter.

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So after treating the hive against Varoa the out look still was not that good, the honey stores were very low and bees dwinderling. The society had hoped not to feed the bees but sadly we were forced to begin feeding with sugar syrup up until November, then we closed the hive and hoped for the best. You might have noticed that the winter was very mild, and even in January there was activity in the hive. Its convention that you shouldn’t check a hive below 10C or before March, so today we finally went for a proper inspection. The hive entrance was abuzz with activity, including bees performing training flights and returning with pollen. Inside the hive the bees seem to have hit the new season flying, with frames being drawn out, good honey and pollen stores as well as eggs, lavae and capped brood. This is all very promising that the hive will be strong enough for a crop of honey this year. Alas, the spring is a time when most colonies die due to the high demand for pollen and relatively low supply, so we’re not out of the woods yet. If you want to come down and get involved in the apiary and bee keeping, come down to the Secret Garden on Wednesday 21st, 13:30. In addition to the current hive, the society shall be investing in a new colony in our top bar hive, 2012 shaping up to be a busy year.

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